Dark to Light, Bitter to Happiness

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Sweet and lovely , innocence, pure love, faithfulness. Rejection , disdain , disappointment. Capriciousness , whimsical , changeable, unreliability.

Life is Bitter Life is Sweet! | Happiness is always the goal!

Cherry blossom. Transience of life, Mono no aware , Wabi-sabi , gentleness, kindness in Japan.

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Uncertainty, chivalry , respect or unrequited love, return my affection; new beginnings. Innocence , loyal love, purity, faith, cheer, simplicity; or, dissembling as in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Strength or, as in Shakespeare's Hamlet , a Cuckold [2]. Gentility , determination. Frigidness , heartlessness negative , heartfelt gratitude for being understood.

Flower Meaning Jonquil. Lemon blossom. Lily of the valley. Love lies bleeding.

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Pitch pine blossom. Eternal sleep, oblivion , imagination. He watches on the edge Dirty coat, shaggy mane Too wild for this world, Too tame for mustangs. Grew up in the desert In the lost part of the state Cut our teeth on promises And empty plates. Like half-broke horses From the lost part of the state We watch in silence And wait by the gate. My Hometown If sweetness had a sound It would sound like my hometown The summer sprinklers turning on The endless ice cream song Cold river rushing by The ducks and geese in flight The silence in between All the sights unseen It would sound like my hometown If sweetness had a sound.

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If sweetness had a sound It would sound like my hometown The summer sprinklers turning on The endless ice cream song Cold river rushing by The ducks and geese in flight The silence in between All the sights unseen It would sound like my hometown If sweetness had a sound. Seven bars, one church, heaven is no match for hell In these four blocks of rust piles and abandoned motels Old men flick quarters in the cracks of the boardwalk And the little boys learn to cuss before they can talk.

Home is the needle and thread For the hole in the lifeboat That it put you in And it leaves its mark All stamped with lead In the lines and the grime Inside your skin. Pages Pages fall like drops from melting eaves Pages underfoot like autumn leaves While I search for the words to make things right Buried words always hidden from sight.

Here with Me If you were here with me You would love the stars I see Ancient city in the sky You would love the way they shine. If you were here with me You would tell me patiently Not to miss you so much Or your sweet gentle touch. I know you would want for me All the happiness you would bring If you were here with me If you were here with me. I set true north by you And so all directions too Songbird what did I do before you What did I do before you. Oh songbird in my weariest day A few clear notes is all I need And I see without warning a precious ray Of magic in each ordinary thing.

You illuminate, renew, Take the sad out of the blue Songbird what would I do without you What would I do without you. All songs written by Eilen Jewell I Remember You I remember you You were full of broken bones I tried to bring you cigarettes You said just leave me alone I remember you You were locked in a padded room I tried to teach you solitaire You just hollered at the moon I remember you I remember you.

Queen of the Minor Key The day I was born a gypsy looked at me She told my mama she could easily see Just how bright my future would be For I was gonna be royalty. Santa Fe You picked up a broken bottle In case anyone gave us any trouble And we walked all the way back to Cortez. Little boy down the street We all heard you mournfully Call again and again for Roberta Roberta….

Finding Love and Happiness After A Bitter Divorce

They were warning signs, warning signs, warning signs They told me you were evil but I want you for mine. He appeared to be about two years of age A really freaky thing to see He was bragging about his sawed-off six gauge Hidden right up his tattered sleeve. He fired off a few hot rounds Right into the sorry crowd No blood, no gore, no one hit the ground They all just fell in love With whoever they happened to be around.

But at least for now, the tunnel's end remains in that elusive category of "things unseen. Yes, we yearn for that light of the end of the tunnel. But even while we continue to wait, the flame of our hope itself can provide some much-needed light. Yes, it's right there, shimmering and dancing in our peripheral vision.

To see it, we only need to break out of our tunnel vision for a moment, opening our gaze a little wider. That is an excellent description Julie. I don't think I ever was in a real tunnel before this past year. Well maybe I was, but all I can think about now is this one, since I have tunnel vision. Because it is physical illness, it seems worse than anything I experienced before, and it might not ever end. And I can't accept it never ending. I know that I have the tunnel vision you described here. For the first time ever, I have been really mad at God. It doesn't seem fair that someone like me, who is so careful about their health, would get sick anyway.

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I keep asking God to help me get my faith and hope back. I always had faith and hope before, no matter what happened.

Blaze (Jpn) - Shed Light Οn Dark (with lyrics) (from "The Rock Dinosaur" EP 2014)

Everything I went through before seems so easy now, I wonder why I even worried about it. Of course, when I was in those tunnels, I didn't think they would ever end either. But this is the first time I have been losing faith. Until we really see the light at the end of darkness, it is the hope that shows an indirect light to that light at the end. Therefore, hope is the only power that keeps us positive and working to reach up to that end light. However, in reality, that never-ending light is within oneself. This is probably of the eternal soul that is full of infinite light, knowledge, and infinite energy.

Once this is realized, you will never be short of positivity, energy, and equanimity. Hey Aaron! This corresponds so much to the not self doctrine of Buddhism. I have attended a few sessions of Dada Bhagvan and I really think his teachings come as close as possible to winning over a faith of an atheist like me.

But the author here is referring to a depression, a hopelessness that overcomes oneself when despite toiling away no results are seen, in this case no light at the end of the tunnel analogy. Given the intense pain of loss, is it any wonder that we hope to be reunited? Have you ever gone looking for time alone--but ended up lonely instead? Back Psychology Today.