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So it is with promotion. The low path of humility is the only way to promotion with God.

The Way Up is Down

Joseph had lofty dreams of greatness. He saw his mother, father, and brothers all bowing down before him. Ironically, it was those very dreams of glory that bred contempt in the hearts of his brothers, who eventually sold him into a humble life of slavery. Had Joseph done something wrong? Is that why God was allowing him to go through such hardship? Not all landscape fabric has a shiny side. Seeds float around in the air and will land in the mulch.

Putting the shiny, slick side up helps prevent tenacious weeds from growing down through the landscape fabric and lodging in the soil. Weeds are difficult to pull once they lodge in the landscape fabric, and the roots start breaking down the fabric. Pull weeds as soon as you see them to prolong the life of the material. Steep slope gardening brings its own set of challenges, like mulch sliding off the area and pooling at the bottom. When working on a hill, putting landscape fabric upside down -- with the felted side up -- may help hold the mulch in place.

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With the shiny, slick side facing up, mulch slides more easily. When working on a slope, use shredded mulch rather than wood chips.

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Shredded redwood works well. Before laying landscape fabric, dig out the area 3 inches deep and then smooth it out with a rake. Make room for shrubs and perennials by cutting circular holes for planting.

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Thank you for your great post. Is it possible to take the trails in the morning then go to Mon Cham after? Combining those two activities sound like a good day trip. Be sure to have a transportation plan — either ride your car or motorbike to the base of the mountain and go up and back down from the trail and then go to Mon Cham OR catch a songthaew coming down the mountain and then ask the driver to go back to your vehicle before continuing on. Very informative and thank you. Would like to do a morning hike like this on 24 or 25 or 26 Jan to the summit and decent via one songthaew that are making their way back into town.

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However wary of getting there alone. Is there is regular group I can join in? Join up with them! Thank you for all of your information.

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  5. We are in Chaing Mai and would like to do a hike like this before we leave. We are wary of getting there alone. Can you recommend and good guides for this hike? Or a similar one? I did this hike last week. Hope you had fun! Hi, I was thinking about hiking up to Wat Pha Lat on the monks trail. Is it possible to walk to the main road up the mountain near Wat Pha Lat to catch a songthaew the rest of the way up to Wat Prathat Doi Suthep? Have a great hike! Very silly question but does the Wat Phra That Temple have hours that it is open and if I brought a red scarf representing the fight against AIDS, is there somewhere symbolic that I can leave this at the temple?

    Strange question I know. As far as leaving a red scarf at the temple, people leave flowers all the time as offerings. Perhaps you can buy the flowers large lotus bulbs and then wrap the scarf around the stems. Red is a political color red vs yellow shirts but as a foreigner the color of your memento will probably be overlooked. PS We are happy to be an inspiration! Hope you have a wonderful time in Chiang Mai! I follow you on Instagram and always enjoy your photos and love to see your destination choices.

    Way Up on the Mountain

    We will be in CM early August. Planning a week in Pai, a few days in CM and then?.

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    Where would you recommend for another base? Mae Rim? Chiang Dao? Oh hard to choose. Somewhere that has lots of fun day trips around it. Maybe we should use the time to go to Sukhthai? Love your input thanks, Katie.

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    Chiang Mai is the best place to make as your base and then go elsewhere for day trips or overnight trips such as to Mae Rim, Mae Taeng, and Chiang Dao. Have a great trip! Very nice photos, I will probably be doing this hike with my kids. Should I be concerned about snakes or other dangers? Ah, great question. Hey Angela, the hike looks really cool.

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    Your photos are amazing … Thanks for the Blog! All the Best, Fred Donovan. Hi Mr. Great site guys. What a great post and thanks for all the pictures!