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I mean, I couldn't tell you the last time I danced in a club, but there are still people out there doing it, and as long as there're clubs there'll be dancers. This weekend just past, someone danced in a club. That someone was called Becca. That club was called Monty's. You remember Monty's don't you? Monty's, the Todmorden nightspot with an incredible eye for an eye-catching promo poster. Monty's, the small town every club. Monty's, the proud home of the fanny bomb.

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Montys, where this happened:. On Saturday night, Monty's witnessed a Shakesperean tragedy in action. Becca's attempted worm was a deeply sad sight, a masterclass in the elemental power of pathos, a devastating reminder that man is doomed to failure.

I mean, yeah, you could argue that it's actually just a video of someone trying to do the worm really badly in the corridoor of a small club up north, but that'd be missing the point. Because it goes beyond that. What's actually happening here, is the shattering of a dream.

Becca decided to do the worm. In a club. In That's entirely her call, her decision, her use of whatever agency and autonomy we have left. If you want to do the worm, Becca, be my guest. Worm away. See what IMDb users are playing. Herman Umgar, a German hermit, has an ability to communicate with worms. One day the mayor of the town runs him off his property, so in revenge he plants worms in everybody's food. However, these worms are a special breed of mutant worms from the Red Tide, and when the people eat them they are transformed into giant worms themselves.

These worm-people also become Herman's slaves. What will the remaining do? I think that it's a shame that collectors of movies such as this are steering good folk like you away from "The Worm Eaters. I think that it lacks respect to tell people not to bother with this film. You know the deal with films like these. Jeez, "Flesh Eating Mothers" was awful, but I would never tell anyone to avoid it! And to all of those people who thought this comment wasn't useful though I know you will probably never read this : You can sit and spin!

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Company Credits. Technical Specs. The telemetry disagrees, but only for a few seconds, until it catches up. The monitoring team is just reporting that the prediction interval is increasing when [scientist name] says, wonderingly: "I'm through. We can live in the dark. I never thought of that. But of course, we can live here forever - if the Worm will only wait - " At that moment, the signal cuts out, and the ship disappears from our team's sensors. Science ship and scientist are lost. The ship is running fully automated As it approaches the exit point, the telemetry stream fills up with fascinating data.

Our monitoring team is just reporting that the prediction interval is increasing when there is a sudden energy spike. The drive has detonated: a brief flare of stellar fury, quickly lost in the darkness of [black hole name]. Whatever we encountered there, it may regret its interference. We'll never know. The Horizon Signal does not come again. But our team may find something interesting in the ashes of the ship. It has upped its game. Once again, the transmission includes the Exit Point's co-ordinates. It's signed with the private comm keys of [first lost scientist name] and [second lost scientist name].

But this time it's a generative text program written in an elderly programming language that creates what appear to be love poems - love poems directed to [scientist name]. They're honestly not very good love poems. But it is, our scientists agreee, quite difficult to generate love poems procedurally, and quite unusual for a black hole to send love poems at all.

RIP to the worm—a dance move that has literally never looked good.

We've found that the fragments we recover cycle between states, in ways that should be impossible - as if time were oscillating. We can derive energy from this - although there are worrying changes to local spacetime. Is triggered only by Finishing the Investigate fragments at Horizon Signal origin special project. Is triggered only by Finishing the Investigate the Loop Temple special project.

Is triggered only by Entering any neutral system. Is triggered only by Finishing the Study the Messenger, and its message special project. It's feebler than ours, but has significantly improved cognitive abilities. There is some confusion about whether we were the source species, and the Messenger the modified version, or whether the Messenger was our ancestor. It is a little embarrassing to imagine that we might be descended from such an effete species - but [Society research leading scientist name] is firmly of that opinion.

Indeed, they consider the loss of cognitive abilities a "tragedy. Such a tragedy that they have undergone a retroviral treatment to alter their own physiology to that of the Messengers. They insist that this will equip them much better to continue the project. Is triggered only by Finishing the Study the Messenger connection special project. It's, ah, quite impressive - worryingly so. It seems to be considerably more robust and aggressive than our current edition.

Indeed, they consider the loss of our martial abilities a "tragedy. Without stopping to ask anyone's opinion, they have also created highly contagious retroviral agent.

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It stalks our worlds. Under its influence, our primary species falls into a chrysalis-coma and emerges a day later as the Messenger species. This is causing, it is fair to say, some excitement. Trigger conditions The Messenger: Unleashed. All Pops on the capital except one from each species are purged. Trigger conditions The Messenger: Leashed. Event: A Rendezvous: How it Ends. The Syzygy becomes hostile. Is triggered only by Destroying the Syzygy. Is triggered only by Admiral death. The Coils-priests have been discouraged, imprisoned, or, regrettably, incinerated.

Pre-FTL species have access to a deep well of hatred and suspicion: there are times when that's very useful. But the cult is tenacious, and our observers express concerns that it may just have gone underground. The nobility abandon their cult. The looping graffiti on walls fades. The young return to playground games about flirtation, murder and other healthy childhood pastimes. There is a rash of suicides among Coils-priests. If there was a crisis, perhaps it is past. Is triggered only by Finishing the Disrupt the Coils rituals special project. They abduct or assassinate every Coils-priest they can find.

They set demolition charges on houses bearing the mark of the Loop. Before long, the natives are beating the Coils-priests to death without any assistance from our operatives. The observation team is horrified; but if there was a crisis, it has been averted.

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Is triggered only by Finishing the Prevent the Coils rituals special project. They hypothesize secret communication channels, steganographic prayer-encodings, or algorithmic underpinnings to the rituals. In fact, they're returning preliminary evidence of this last when their communications abruptly cease. In fact, all communication seems to have ceased, planet-wide. Reports from satellites and survey craft flyovers confirm: there is no activity on the planet at all. No vehicles moving on the road, no emissions or thermal signatures in population centers. No signs of life And here's the final report.

The entire [primitive species name] population of the planet - including your ethnography team - is absent, with all the business of a sudden but not violent exit. Meals were left unfinished, pets unfed, the occasional house aflame from an unattended stove. Gravitational anomalies were recorded at the assumed time of departure.

In almost every street, the looped chalk sigils of the Coils bear witness. Is triggered only by Finishing the Participate in the Coils rituals special project. Is triggered only by Colonizing a new planet. Event: The Waiting World: Demolition. Population numbers are now what we'd expect, but there has been some sort of information sabotage, or None of the individuals on the planet exists in our records. Every original colonist is missing.

It's as if they've all been replaced by complete strangers. As against that, they all swear they're loyal citizens of [empire name]. They're all productive and apparently sane. In all communications they deny all knowledge of any confusion, and insist there must be a mistake at our end. The colony is given independence. If it was the only colonized planet it will take over the system and become a new random empire.

Issue Special Project: Investigate the Issue Special Project: Purge the population of presumed alien duplicates. We somehow had too many people there.

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Now, it appears, we have no-one at all. The entire population has simply vanished overnight. Have they left the world? Gone into hiding? Engaged in planet-wide genocide? There are some peculiarities, though. An unusual number of multiple births; a planet-wide idiosyncrasy where no-one has any regard for punctuality; and fluctuations in local solar radiation that are characteristic of pre-supernova stars.