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Be consistent with user expectations and intuition.

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Accommodate a wide range of literacy and language skills. Arrange information consistent with its importance. Provide effective prompting and feedback during and after task completion. Principle 4: Perceptible Information The design communicates necessary information effectively to the user, regardless of ambient conditions or the user's sensory abilities.

Guidelines: 4a. Use different modes pictorial, verbal, tactile for redundant presentation of essential information.

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Provide adequate contrast between essential information and its surroundings. Maximize "legibility" of essential information. Differentiate elements in ways that can be described i. Provide compatibility with a variety of techniques or devices used by people with sensory limitations.

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Principle 5: Tolerance for Error The design minimizes hazards and the adverse consequences of accidental or unintended actions. Guidelines: 5a.

Arrange elements to minimize hazards and errors: most used elements, most accessible; hazardous elements eliminated, isolated, or shielded. Provide warnings of hazards and errors. Provide fail safe features. Discourage unconscious action in tasks that require vigilance.

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Principle 6: Low Physical Effort The design can be used efficiently and comfortably and with a minimum of fatigue. Guidelines: 6a. Allow user to maintain a neutral body position.


Use reasonable operating forces. Minimize repetitive actions. Minimize sustained physical effort. Principle 7: Size and Space for Approach and Use Appropriate size and space is provided for approach, reach, manipulation, and use regardless of user's body size, posture, or mobility. Is your cubicle cold? Do you need a microwave oven that can accept voice commands via your smart speaker? Probably not. But if you're looking for an inexpensive, compact countertop model, why not get that feature if you can?

Amazon's 0. An electronic deadbolt lock is incredibly handy, as it saves you having to fumble with keys and can automatically re-lock your door in case you forget. Amazon's model does all that and more, and comes in both satin and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. Wishing your laptop had a full-size set of keys, including a numeric keypad? Whatever your need, this simple combo does the job for a very reasonable price.

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