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Read Next Man freed after new evidence in child sex case points to p Apparently he isn't aware of the risks he's taking. You are way too close to me. We will see what she thinks about it. It could be also useful if this confrontation happened in the university, in between two lectures, loudly, during the day. The social pressure would prevent a bad reaction from him, and making other students know that she doesn't want him to sit next to her or talk to her could be enough to stop these behaviours.

In short, causing a big good scene could protect your wife from the latin lover. The latin lover is a normal person. The latin lover is more of a "molester type". He won't do anything more in the university he would know he could cause another scene , but he will still harass her outside it. He had his warning and his chance to behave well, he knew what would the consequences of his advances be and he ignored them. Now this is an even more serious reason to talk to her, even if it caused their breakup.

Also, if it turns out that he's a creep, the white knight approach suggested by Beejamin wouldn't hurt. He would know that any further attempt with your wife would cause a reaction from you. If your wife has already told him "no", and it sounds like she has, there may be little she can say to him to get him to stop.

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It's an unpleasant reality in Western culture that women are still treated as second-class citizens or non-persons by an uncomfortably large percentage of people 1 2 more by men than by women, but the unconscious bias is still found in women. A good example of this is that doctors tend to downplay symptoms reported by women 3 4 - particularly pain 5 6. Another is that some men consider women prizes to be won, and interpret rejection as "playing hard to get", re-frame stalking as "romantic persistence", and similar rationalizations for continuing unwanted behavior.

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That being said, you can't swoop in and act the "white-knight" to scare off potential suitors, as it's disrespectful to your wife and causes all sorts of problems. What you can do is make sure to keep the lines of communication open, and provide support when asked , by doing what she asks you to do. There will be an endless line of men looking to steal your relationship with your wife, and until she asks for your help there's nothing you can or should do about it. Once she asks, there's very little you can't or shouldn't do to protect her.

In this case, all you can do is make sure she knows you support her, particularly that her judgment is sound and his behavior is extremely inappropriate and borderline, if not actually criminal. Trust that she's able to handle it until she asks for help, or is physically rendered unable to ask - he's already resorted to alcohol, arguably the oldest date-rape drug, so he may try something more potent at some point.

If she asks you to step in, let her set the bounds and make the problem go away - within those bounds. If she gives you free reign, remember you're of no use to anyone in jail on charges of assault and battery, so be smart about it. Don't be the first to get physical, but if he raises his hand against her or you, break it. Don't go any further than you can justify, and stop once he's no longer a threat. Above all, remember: going through this type of experience can be extremely traumatic, do not make it worse by diminishing her sense agency or personhood.

You are only to provide requested or emergency support to ensure no-one limits or disregards her ability to make decisions about her body.

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Be an aid to enforce her decisions about what she will and will not permit in regards to her body - don't be yet another person trying to control her. Avoid the man as much as possible and get on with your lives. If your fiancee is unable to avoid his advances I'd threaten him with the police. In a few months time this will be over and you won't have to deal with the problem. Cut off your ties with his fiancee and their children. That's life, nothing stays the same. And as a postscript, it's not your responsbility to 'enlighten' his fiancee about his bad behaviour - experience will show you that getting too involved in others' relationships is always a very bad idea, and people ALWAYS blame the messenger.

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Your wife's goal is not to be harrassed, while staying friends with the fiancee. Blueeye's reply will achieve the first half nicely while failing with the second. Talking to the wife still has a good chance to destroy the friendship. Not talking to the wife may also destroy the friendship if she ever finds out.

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So nothing you and your wife can do can guarantee success and achieve all of her goals. I think what you want to achieve is for the man to back off, while keeping it all quiet. I think the best chance to achieve this is having a talk including you, your wife, and that man.

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Explaining to him that a his behaviour is absolutely not wanted. And e that his best long-term strategy is to talk to his fiancee, explaining that he has a problem, but nothing serious happened and nothing serious would have happened, and to promise to improve. The risk, that you have to think about: That he doesn't just have serious problems with judgement, but is completely unhinged and becomes an actual danger to your wife. Or that he goes to his fiancee, blames everything on your wife, and destroys her friendship with the fiancee. The first is unlikely. The second risk cannot be avoided.

He obviously has the problem to be attracted by other woman most probably "just" sexually. Edit: To make it more clear: I'm not saying you shouldn't care. I want to reveal the right perspective to face this problem. Thats why I think the attraction is just sexual. It's up to them to find a viable solution for his problem. Such kind of problems are really hard to solve. We solve every big problem by finding a solution together and it always works out.

Just don't make the mistake to simply blame his behaviour, if you really want to find a good solution for all participants. Rather try to get his problem fixed. You can't do anything here. If you talk to him as an "alpha male" maybe you make your wife mad, because if she wanted you to talk to him she will have tell you if you can do so, or at least show up. You two also shouldn't tell this things on social networks, that is childish. If your wife have proofs about this boy flirting with her, show it to his wife. If you don't have anything other than suspicious habits, don't tell anything to his wife because she will get mad at you, and maybe try to put the guilt over your wife.

If you don't have any clear proof about him flirting with your wife, she must keep ignoring him, putting distance between them until he stops. That's it. If this will put distance between you and your wife's friend and her friend asks your wife about the reasons, she always can tell the actions of her husband and say that she doesn't feel confortable with him around, but don't tell her that he is trying to cheat if you don't have any proof.

Let your wife's friend decide. However, if you have the proofs, things like messages or so, you should inmediately tell your wife's friend about it, because she is a friend.

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If she can understand it it's her problem not yours, maybe if you lose a friend for caring about her and telling her the truth, it's better lost. On the other hand, you should confirm your sources about the story. Are you sure this is it? Don't you think that maybe there aren't just admirers but one night stands that get overattached? I don't know your real story, but what you tell seems the relate of what your wife told you, not what you saw. A person that doesn't like someone to flirt on him or her, at the first attemp to get kissed goes away. But a Kiss is a thing of two, as a scenic detour is something that you aren't up to if you are angry.

You really think that your wife was angry because he go far than just kissing and staying together to trying to have sex, or is she mad because he kissed? Maybe those past admirers aren't all only admirers. For my experience when a person has people that flirts with them, really doesn't state that clearly that they have a relationship. Just keep an eye open.

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How should my wife handle an engaged admirer and his fiancee? Ask Question. Update: So thank you all so much for your input, I can hardly believe the popularity of this question. Kallum Tanton.

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Kallum Tanton Kallum Tanton 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. Hey, ya'll! Let's stop making comments calling this guy out with bad names. It's Not Nice. Graecophile , philhellene , philhellenist - an admirer of Greece and everything Greek. One who ardently admires: devotee , enthusiast , fancier , lover. A man who courts a woman: beau , courter , suitor , swain , wooer.

Verehrer Verehrerin Bewunderer Fan. I've just been admiring your new car. I admire John's courage.

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His behaviour during the riot was admirable. He's admirably suited to the job. They were filled with admiration at the team's performance. He is an admirer of Mozart. She has many admirers. Mentioned in?