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Using Bee Balm in the Garden

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Plant Details Erect stems support uniquely shaped berry red tubular flowers. Large leaves sport wine colored highlights. Raspberry Wine color is outstanding, the blossoms are gorgeous and the smell is wonderful! The flower buds resemble raspberries and the leaves of Monarda can be used to flavor teas. Throw in deer and rabbits galore. And a high water table which leads to very poor draining soil. So my local homey, here are the top 7 perennials that I can vouch for based on my personal experience.

Each has thrived for at least 5 years running and all show no signs of slowing down. But Fall is when it shines with unbelievable colors ranging from yellow to orange. I personally love the taller options which make their presence known in the garden. Multiplies like mad so there is a full supply year to year. Consistent blooms without a care in the world. I could stand over these in bloom all day.

Nothing has thrived in my garden more the past few years than Monarda as they have easily doubled in size in just the last two years alone. I love the fact that they spread and fill in aggressively without acting as a true thug. I started with this location as you can see they are starting to take over the neighboring Juniper:. I find it incredibly simple to just place a trowel into the soil underneath the stem of plant, wiggle it a bit to loosen up the roots and then yank it out with my hand:.

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And just like that, you have yourself a new plant. You can clearly see from the roots how this perennial spreads so easily:. I quickly determined where to move my new Bee Balm. This one was going to be relocated between two Miscanthus:. The plant was then deeply watered and left to do its thing. Now we just wait and see how it all plays out.

Bee Balm, Jacob Cline

They are the gift that keeps on giving. I even wrote a post about it last year which you can read here. I also enjoy the spent blooms in the fall and covered in snow in winter. Monarda Bee Balm is reliable, spreads as I need it to, has great color and attracts the critters:. I am so psyched to have located these dwarf versions of the original:. Pretty cool:. Daffodils in bloom Some of the Narcissus Daffodils are in bloom now, no doubt pushed by the 80 degree temps we had here in New Jersey yesterday.

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Flowers soon to arrive Viburnum carlesii. The tiny Muscari.

Monarda x 'Raspberry Wine'

Golden ragwort Packera aurea. Daffodils that will hide the recently cut down ornamental grass. Say that 5 times fast. Photos that make me think Baptisia is here, yeah. So are the weeds, boo. I will now finally track the results properly. Here is one example of the cutting. My attempt at a path with a true destination worth visiting. The purple-green rosettes are everywhere right now. Bee Balm looking good in late spring, even before the blooms have revealed themselves.

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And kicking butt and taking names when in bloom. Drawing in the bees and other critters. They look great even as the blooms start to fade in mid summer. And remain interesting into winter. Personally, I find it easy to deal with by simply ignoring late in the season and allowing the leaves to fall followed by a simple clean-up. Monarda also known as Bee Balm also known as Oswego tea, was introduced by the Oswego Indians to botanist John Bartram who learned of its healing powers when brewed as a tea. It was used to treat chills, fever, insect bites and even bronchial congestion.

I despise the cold weather and it is getting worse and worse as I get older. Without fear. Click on the hyperlink for each plant name for additional info where applicable. You are welcome in advance. I started with this location as you can see they are starting to take over the neighboring Juniper: Why not grab a few that are closest to the Juniper and simply dig them out and move them:.

Even a blind squirrel ….