A Blonde, A Brunette & A One-Eyed Ginger

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According to several studies, bees are more attracted to red heads. Redheads are sometimes stereotyped as more prone to being hot headed, but there is no evidence of this being true. Though there is no mention of it in scripture, many painters also chose to depict Mary Magdalene with fiery locks. Though she was famous for her blonde hair and curves, Monroe was a natural redhead.

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Dunst replaced her blonde hair for a cinnamon shade while promoting Marie Antoinette , and in turn became queen of Cannes. Anderson was born blonde, but switched to a rosy red color for her famous role as Scully on The X-Files. We'll never let go of the amber ringlets Kate Winslet had during Titanic. Geri Halliwell popped onto the scene appropriately as Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls, with her trademark cherry-red hair streaked with blonde highlights.

The year-old actress, as Angela Chase in My So-Called Life , played perhaps the most perfect role to sum up the grunge-filled decade. Her dye job shocked her on-screen mother—and ours. Though she's experimented with varying tones, Karen Elson hit it out of the beauty ballpark with this cool crimson. Type keyword s to search.

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Why Are People Attracted To Certain Hair Colors? What Science Knows About The Phenomenon

We Tried It. Getty Getty Images. Getty Images. Debra Messing. Debra Messing may be a natural blonde, but she'll always be our favorite sitcom ginger. Keke Palmer. Keke Palmer takes braids to a new level with a burgundy-red, high-crown bun and ponytail. Madelaine Petsch. Kate Walsh. Bella Thorne. The former Disney channel star's neon red has an edgy vibe.

Our forever hair crush Rihanna wore her dark auburn in long, loose waves under a Dior beret.

Kate Mara. Christina Hendricks. Red-haired kids are noticed but not gushed upon like blondes, and brunettes are rarely commented upon. It has been misunderstood over the centuries, and of course not considered beautiful when it is compared to sleek and light coloured hair. In my home town Mildura in , a young student was expelled from his Catholic high school for refusing to take out his braids.

This is not unusual in Australia: many other kids have had to change or be booted out too. Both of my kids are gorgeous.

It was a bit surreal but they have that effect on some people. I ask for their approval before uploading any photo of them online, and I reserve the most special photos for our memories only. Getting a photo of them together that they both like is really hard! Wrong actually. The unfairness in the industry as a whole is enormous. Also, my children being models would perpetuate the myth that their kind of beauty is the type that matters. Even within my own very multicultural town, people originating from European countries are more readily accepted than people from African, Asian or Middle Eastern ones, or even our own indigenous people.

Other reasons for not capitalising on their looks come to mind too.

What Men Really Think of Brunettes

Then what would they learn: that being fairer is more attractive? That her look is the right one and she should make money from it? Would she be bleaching her hair at 7, or worse, develop an eating disorder? No thank you. I am doing my best to transfer to my kids great body image and self-esteem, by accepting myself and trying to show them that being healthy and happy is what really matters. They have friends with backgrounds from many different places, and one of my hopes for our travels with them is that they make friends all over the world; seeing for themselves that people can look and live differently, but no-one is better than anyone else.

But being a child model is not going to happen, no matter how much money they could earn.

It is woven into many cultures that being fair is better, but we can challenge that in our daily interactions with others. Please be aware of comments that elevate the status of fair-featured children, by showing positive biases towards them or negative biases towards others. ALL kids amazing and none get any say in how they look. They all benefit from us recognising and talking about their inner qualities rather than their looks anyway. And every other child in the world is too.

The truth about redheads

At the end of the day, Allegra is a young female person who happens to have fair features right now, and the only thing that really means is her hair is yellowish and her eyes are bluish. Have you experienced positive or negative biases? And please share this post if you found it helpful. May 31, July 11, August 21, A really interesting read. I have one fair and one brunette child. Thanks for your feedback Claire. Have you noticed any difference in how your children are treated? So its like 3 grand parents with blue eyes and one without.

Thanks for your comment Corrado. Yes, red and blonde hair are recessive genes so are much less common.

They are the two percent

Is clearly light brown. The ends of her hair are blonde baby hairs; likely because you never cut it. Your email address will not be published. Do you want to have a positive impact as you travel? Or do you want to reduce your impact at home and transition to a greener lifestyle? Subscribe now to receive occasional email updates about living more sustainably and travelling lightly, wherever you're going.

It's a mutation!

You'll also get links to new blog posts and first notice of special offers and news from our travels. Conscious Living 6. Fair features are not best. So why are blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids treated as special? Any page on this website may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclaimer for more info. Contents 1 The book that prompted this discussion 2 Incidents of bias towards fair-featured children 3 Is it because light features are less common?

Dante and Allegra playing around earlier this year. Green, hazel, amber and grey eyes are less common than blue. Beyonce on Vogue cover in , vs Beyonce in concert in Many Asian people are categorised by the lightness of their skin. Blond men are more likely to be viewed as irresponsible and unreliable. Children with black hair are visible and need to be valued too.