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As Eric is taken into care, Ariel watches on, even more, determined to accomplish her dreams of living alongside humanity. Back at Atlantica, Ariel's sisters hear her humming about dreamily, which gives them the impression that she is in love. Ariel comes up with a plan to somehow see Eric again, but Sebastian tries to talk her out of it, telling her how life under the sea is better than the world up above through the song " Under the Sea ". Flounder arrives and takes Ariel away to show her a surprise at her grotto, where he surprises her with a statue of Prince Eric that he has somehow salvaged from the wrecked ship.

Unfortunately, King Triton soon appears, having learned from Sebastian that Ariel had rescued a human from drowning. Shocked and enraged that she is in love with that human, Triton loses his temper and, in a blind rage, proceeds to destroy all the human objects in the grotto with his trident, including the statue of Eric. Devastated, Ariel breaks down in tears, and an ashamed Triton leaves regretting what he has done. Sebastian, who has accompanied him, tries to console Ariel, only for her to tell him to leave.

After Sebastian and Flounder exit, Flotsam and Jetsam appear to convince Ariel to see their mistress, Ursula, who may have the power to make her dream come true. She, after initially attempting to refuse, reluctantly follows them to Ursula's fortress , while Sebastian and Flounder follow. At the fortress, Ursula—who knows that Ariel is in love with a human through spying on her via Flotsam and Jetsam—makes a proposition: In exchange for her voice, Ariel will become a human for three days, during which she must get a kiss of true love from Eric before the sun sets on the third day.

Should she succeed, she will remain human permanently; should she fail, she will turn back into a mermaid and will belong to Ursula forever. A desperate Ariel accepts the deal and signs a contract conjured by Ursula. Her voice is then sealed into a seashell on Ursula's necklace. Ariel is then turned into a human and is helped to the surface by Flounder and Sebastian due to her now having the inability to swim and breathe in water. At the shore, Sebastian goes into a nervous panic over the predicament and begins to trot home to seek help from the king.

Ariel pleads for Sebastian to stay, and out of sympathy, he agrees. Scuttle provides some "clothing" for Ariel in the meantime, just as they are discovered by Eric's dog, Max , who leads his master to them. Eric faintly recognizes Ariel but doesn't believe her to be the girl who rescued him from the shipwreck, due to her inability to speak.

Nevertheless, he takes her to his castle , where Ariel is given a bath and proper clothing. At dinner, Ariel notices a fork and uses it to comb her hair, leaving Eric and his servants dumbfounded. Ariel then notices Grimsby's pipe and tries to use it as a musical instrument. Despite Ariel's initial embarrassment, Eric finds her antics funny. Carlotta even notes that this is the first time Eric has smiled in quite some time, much to Ariel's delight.

Eric then invites Ariel on a tour of the kingdom, which she accepts. During their outing, Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle anxiously watch on, awaiting the kiss. Ariel is more preoccupied with taking in the atmosphere of the human world; she even learns how to dance and ride a carriage.

That evening, she and Eric go out for a boat ride in a lagoon. In hopes of initiating a kiss, Scuttle tries to provide some "romantic stimulation". However, his terrible squawking mistaken for singing prompts Sebastian to lead some animals of the lagoon to create a more fitting mood with his song " Kiss the Girl ". Sebastian's plan seems to have a positive effect on Ariel and Eric, as they steadily draw closer to each other. Before they can kiss, however, Flotsam and Jetsam purposely tip the boat over by order of Ursula who's been watching Ariel and Eric's development from her fortress.

This ruins the moment, thus ending Ariel and Eric's date. The next day which is the third and last of Ariel's human days , Scuttle delivers the news that Eric is getting hitched. Believing herself to be the girl in question, Ariel excitedly runs downstairs, only to see Eric with a dark-haired girl named Vanessa, whom he intends to marry. Devastated, Ariel breaks down in tears and runs off.

As the wedding ship departs with Eric aboard, Ariel is left at the port to mourn her losses as Sebastian and Flounder do the same. Meanwhile, Scuttle comes to discover that Vanessa is actually Ursula in disguise and flies back to warn Ariel. Determined to save both herself and Eric, Ariel swims to the wedding ship with help from Flounder, while Sebastian returns to Atlantic to receive help from King Triton. Scuttle, meanwhile, rallies the lagoon animals to stall the wedding by assaulting Vanessa.

Eventually, Ursula's necklace is destroyed, releasing Ariel's voice and freeing Eric from his trance. The two embrace each other as Eric finally realizes that Ariel is the girl that rescued him. Before they can kiss, however, the sun sets and Ariel turns back into a mermaid. Vanessa transforms back into Ursula, takes Ariel as her prisoner, and dives back into the sea with her. As Ursula thinks of her next move, Triton, having been alerted by Sebastian, confronts and orders her to release Ariel, to which she refuses.

Ariel apologizes to Triton as he attempts to destroy the contract, to no avail. Ursula proceeds to wither the princess and turn her into a polyp-like all her other victims, proclaiming the contract to be legally unbreakable but offers her freedom should Triton be willing to take her place. Triton accepts, and though Ariel is released, she is forced to watch as her father is withered and transformed into a polyp faster than when Ursula tried to do it to her. Ursula then takes his crown and trident, becoming queen of the seas, moments before an enraged Ariel tries to fight her off, though she is quickly restrained.

Eric arrives to help her, striking Ursula with a harpoon. She prepares to destroy him with the trident, but Ariel pulls on her hair just as it shoots, causing the shot to miss Eric and hit Flotsam and Jetsam instead, killing them. After Ursula shortly mourns her pets' loss, she enlarges herself as an even more evil, nastier, monstrous version of herself. Ariel and Eric try to escape but then face a towering, gigantic Ursula. She declares herself as ruler of the ocean who has the power to control the waves and creates a rainstorm and whirlpool.

Ariel is separated from Eric, and Ursula causes her to become trapped at the bottom of the whirlpool. She aims the trident at Ariel and fires bolts of pure destruction, who barely manages to avoid her painful destruction each time. Just as Ursula prepares to use the trident to vaporize her with an unavoidable blast and taunting that she will never kiss Eric, he plunges the splintered bow of one of the shipwrecks that have surfaced as a result of the whirlpool through her abdomen, killing her and saving Ariel in the nick of time.

With Ursula defeated, her spells upon the unfortunate merpeople are broken, including the spell cast upon Triton, who transforms back into a merman. At the surface, Eric manages to swim to shore, breaking down out of exhaustion as a saddened Ariel watches on from a nearby rock. Triton and Sebastian look on from a distance; the former finally softening up toward humans upon realizing Eric risked his own life to save Ariel. Knowing the love between them is pure and true, despite their differences as species, Triton uses the power of the trident to permanently transform Ariel into a human, allowing her to be with the one she loves, at long last.

After the transformation, she walks up to the shore, where she is happily reunited with Eric as he embraces her, and they share their first kiss. Soon, they have their wedding on the wedding ship attended by his loyal subjects on-board and her family and friends in the sea around the ship. She silently bids farewell to Scuttle and Flounder and gives Triton a heartwarming hug before happily sailing away with Eric. Triton then casts a beautiful rainbow over the sky to wish the couple well as they start their new future together.

Thanks to Ariel's courage, Triton understands that humans weren't bad and accepts Eric, her new husband, as his new son-in-law. Ariel continues to be fascinated with human objects in the series and is shown collecting them for her grotto; she gives them strange names such as calling an ordinary telescope a "thingamabob. Eric is sometimes shown, but she always just misses seeing him, preserving the continuity that she sees him first in the film.

As a consequence, this also meant Ariel could not visit her ancestral home. Melody's love of the sea proves too strong, however, and when she falls into Morgana's clutches, Ariel is forced to temporarily resume her mermaid form in order to rescue and save Melody from Morgana's scheme. In this time, she briefly returns to her grotto as seen in the first film, and studies the objects, which we are left to presume survived Triton's anger in the first film and keeps looking for Melody.

This features Ariel becoming an overprotective parent for Melody, effectively taking over the role of Triton in the first film. In the episode " Jiminy Cricket ", while Jiminy Cricket is sharing his wisdom, he states, "Never sell your voice to a giant sea witch just because you have a crush on some guy, it's just not worth it.

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In " House of Scrooge ", she was one of many Disney characters shoved at one table as Scrooge was trying to save money. In " Salute to Sports ", she is sitting next to Triton when he creates a literal wave after Mickey told the crowd to do the "wave". She is later seen laughing with the rest of the audience after the crew call him out and insult him. In " Pluto vs.

Figaro ", she tried to sing on stage, although the set ended up falling on top of her due to Pluto and Figaro's antics. In " Suddenly Hades ", Pete attempted to flood the club to run out the customers, as he could shut down the club if there were no guests. Though he succeeded in flooding the club, he was stopped from closing the club as Ariel was still present.

Ariel was also briefly seen in " Pete's House of Villains " where she held up a sign that read "Somebody stole my voice again" since she lost her voice. In the film, Ariel, along with Eric and other characters, are snowed in and trapped inside the club. Ariel is the first to openly have faith in Mickey Mouse , who she believes will have a plan. Ten years later, Ariel and her sisters live under a strict routine maintained by their governess Marina Del Rey and her assistant Benjamin. Ariel is frustrated by their current lifestyle, which brings her into conflict with her father.

One day, Ariel encounters Flounder, whom she later follows to an underground music club.

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She is overjoyed by the presence of music and is shocked when she sees Sebastian performing there. When her presence is revealed, the entire band stops playing and hides, believing Ariel will tell her father about them. Ariel sings a song explaining her love of music and the remembrance of her mother and she joins the club with an oath. Ariel returns to the palace, and sisters confront her over her disappearance.

She explains where she was, and the following night all seven girls go to the club to have fun. Marina secretly finds them, and she later reports their activities to Triton. Sebastian, Flounder, and the band are sent to jail, while Marina gets the job she wants. Triton confines his daughters to the palace, which results in Ariel asking him why music isn't allowed.

Triton refuses to answer and shouts that he won't have music in his kingdom. That night, she decides to leave Atlantica and frees the jailbirds. Sebastian leads them to a deserted place far from the palace where Ariel finds Athena's music box, as Sebastian hoped. Ariel and Sebastian decide to return to Atlantica to bring the music box to Triton, hoping that it will change his mind, as he has forgotten how to be happy after Athena's death.

On the way back, Marina and her electric eels confront Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian. Before music is restored back into the kingdom, the final battle begins when Marina bans Ariel from going back to Atlantica. Marina wants to stop them so she will retain her position of "power", and a struggle ensues. It ends when Marina barrels towards Sebastian, but Ariel pushes him away, getting hit in the process. Triton arrives in time to witness this, and he is remorseful for his actions. He sings the lyrics of "Athena's Song", and Ariel wakes up.

The film ends with Triton restoring music to Atlantica and appointing Sebastian as the new court composer, much to everyone's glee with Ariel and Flounder. Everyone, including Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, and six older sisters, rejoices except Marina, who has been sent to prison. Ariel appeared in the special " The Floating Palace ". She was the first princess to be seen twice in an episode, and the fourth princess to appear in the series, overall. She is summoned to help Sofia with her trouble of saving her mermaid friend and her family's ship in danger and sings " The Love We Share " to encourage Sofia to enlist Cora to help her save Oona.

She is later seen at the end of the special by the floating palace jumping into the water. In " Forever Royal " when Sofia is battling Vor inside her amulet, Ariel appears to Sofia in spirit form along with all the other princesses who have been summoned to help Sofia in her times of need and they encourage her to be brave and strong for they all believe in her. She and the other Disney princesses work as cast members that meet-and-greet net users. When Vanellope von Schweetz is confronted by First Order Stormtroopers , she glitches into the princesses' backstage room; Ariel is seen combing her hair with a dinglehopper at her vanity.

The princesses mistake Vanellope for a threat, and charge at her with various weapons at hand; Ariel wields a dinglehopper. Vanellope explains that she's actually a princess, as well, prompting Pocahontas to ask what kind of princess she is. Ariel questions if Vanellope made a deal with an underwater sea witch in exchange for human legs, but to Ariel's relief, Vanellope denies.

When Jasmine asks if Vanellope has "daddy issues", she notes that she doesn't even have a mom, to which Ariel relates. Shortly after, Ariel and Cinderella take a liking to Vanellope's casual modern attire. As the other princesses take interest, Ariel excitedly declares she also wants an outfit like Vanellope's. After Cinderella asks her mice to craft comfy modern outfits for each of the princesses, Ariel dons green shorts and a violet shirt which reference the colors of her mermaid form and is seen lounging between Jasmine and Belle.

Ariel is overwhelmingly delighted to finally have a shirt and expresses through song that she's always dreamed of someday wearing one before Vanellope cuts her off. Vanellope questions Ariel's singing, but the other princesses explain that they've all had songs that help them express their desires. They encourage Vanellope to find her song, but the results are not very impressive. Pocahontas advises Vanellope to find some water and stare at it.

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Though Vanellope isn't convinced, Ariel reaffirms that it's not just water, but "important water". During the climax of the film, Ariel and the Disney princesses spot Wreck-It Ralph falling to his doom. They rally together to rescue him. Moana summons the ocean , which Ariel dives into. She then swims upward, creating a spiral with the water. When Ariel emerges, she lands on Jasmine's magic carpet , from where Elsa freezes the water while in its spiral formation, creating a slide for Ralph to safely descend. After Ralph is safe, the princesses formally introduce themselves as friends of Vanellope as they befriend him as well.

Genie makes himself look like Ariel and appears on the top of the treasure ship of Coeur du Mer to take Jafar's Lamp and hide it from Abis Mal and Jafar. In A Goofy Movie , Ariel is seen twice: once as a prop in Max's school auditorium and also a lamp in Goofy and Max's hotel room with her iconic colors. In the TV series Aladdin , Saleen at one point gave Jasmine a hairstyle resembling that of Ariel's, although she then complained that it makes Jasmine looked like "every other Princess under the sea.

Who needs them? In the Dalmatians: The Series episode " Home is Where the Bark Is ", Ariel's silhouette can be seen as one of the passengers of a subway train the Dalmatians ride on. In anger, Ariel throws a starfish at Stitch, exclaiming "I was singing here! Jodi Benson reprises her role in this teaser and some new animation is used. Ariel appears on the cover of a Little Mermaid book in the village scene in Tangled. Ariel is a recurring character on the hit show Once Upon a Time.

She is portrayed by JoAnna Garcia. In her debut episode, she saves Snow White from drowning after Snow jumps off a cliff to avoid the Evil Queen Regina 's guards. Ariel tells Snow that once a year a mermaid can walk on land, though only for the twelve hours between high tides. She then tells Snow she saved Eric played by Gil McKinney a year before and has been in love with him ever since. Snow, knowing what love, at first sight, is like, understands the mermaid and convinces her to go to Eric's ball.

At the ball, he is immediately drawn to Ariel and he asks her to dance with him. While they dance he tells Ariel that he will be leaving the next morning on an adventure to see the world and asks Ariel to go with him. Ariel relays this information back to Snow, who tells Ariel to be honest with the prince. However, Ariel is reluctant as she does not want to be rejected by the prince by telling him she is a mermaid. Ariel is later seen at the seashore asking the Sea Goddess Ursula for guidance.

After she seems to have given up, Ursula appears in front of Ariel. However, this is not the true Ursula; this is Queen Regina in disguise. Regina gives Ariel a magical bracelet that will trade her tail to whomever she gives it to. Ariel gives the bracelet to Snow White, thinking that if Snow is a mermaid, she could escape into the sea and be free from the Queen. Regina then appears and reveals her deception.

The Queen gives Ariel an ultimatum: either go and find her prince and let the Queen kill Snow White, or die along with her. Ariel, not willing to let her friend die, attack the Queen with a fork, distracting her long enough for Ariel and Snow to get away. After Ariel and Snow have escaped to a nearby beach, Snow tells Ariel to go back to the Prince and tell him the truth. Ariel happily listens to Snow and returns to the dock by Eric's palace as she is about to yell Eric's name her voice vanishes. Regina appears on the dock and reveals that she took Ariel's voice so that she could never tell Eric how she felt, as vengeance for the mermaid's siding with Snow White against her.

In tears, a muted Ariel heads back to the sea. Twenty-eight years later in Neverland , Regina, working with Rumplestiltskin , returns Ariel's voice in exchange for her help. Ariel agrees to return to Storybrooke and retrieve a weapon from Rumplestiltskin's shop that will be strong enough to stop Peter Pan. If the mission succeeds, the Queen promises to make Ariel human permanently and be with Eric. This episode immediately picks up after the events of " Ariel ". Gold shows Ariel how to get to Storybrooke and tells her to find Belle and give her a sand dollar with a message from him.

Though Regina chooses not to tell Ariel where to find Eric, she does warn her that she only has one hour. When Ariel arrives in Storybrooke, she meets who Grumpy , who takes her to Belle. After learning that Ariel was sent by Rumplestiltskin, Belle takes her to Gold's shop, where Belle deciphers Gold's coded message and retrieves the item of which he requires: Pandora's Box.

However, before they can do anything, they are ambushed by John and Michael Darling , who is now working for Peter Pan. John and Michael the two of them up and take the item to destroy it. In order to get out of the ropes, Belle removes Ariel's bracelet, which allows Ariel to wiggle free from the ropes and undo Belle's bindings. Ariel then puts the bracelet back on and goes after John and Michael. Belle and Ariel find John and Michael just before they destroy the box.

Belle is able to stop them by activating a mine cart on the tracks, which throws Michael and John off their feet. Using the time to her advantage, she grabs the box and kicks their gun away. John and Michael reveal that the only reason they are working for Pan is that he has been holding their sister Wendy hostage. Belle manages to convince them, however, that if they help her, the ones in Neverland will be able to use Pandora's box to defeat Pan.

Ariel returns to Neverland and gives Pandora's box to Gold. As a reward, Regina enchants the bracelet, so that Ariel can become a human whenever she wishes. Before Ariel departs, she tells Regina and Gold about Wendy's situation. Regina exhibits no concern about Wendy since she only cares about Henry.

However, Ariel manages to convince her and Gold to do what they can to help Wendy. Upon returning to Storybrooke, Ariel finds Eric working as a fisherman. The two of them are then reunited and reconcile. Emma , Regina and Hook learn of Ariel's reunion with Eric. After the fairy-tale characters are sent back to the Enchanted Forest, Eric is captured by the pirate Blackbeard. Ariel, however, believes that Captain Hook was responsible and tracks him down. Upon learning that Blackbeard also has his ship, Ariel and Hook agree to work together.

In order to take his ship back, Hook throws Blackbeard over the edge without learning where Eric is. Ariel is forced to rescue Blackbeard so that she can rescue Eric. She eventually relocates with Eric to Hangman's Island. The guilt Hook still feels for his nearly sacrificing any attempt to rescue Eric is later exploited by the Wicked Witch of the West. She impersonates Ariel so that she can get Hook to admit he loves Emma Swan in a "plea for redemption. She also reveals that Ariel and Eric are alive on Hangman's Island. After her return to Arendelle, Queen Elsa trapped it in a bottle and Ariel accidentally becomes trapped inside as well.

She is freed after Hook restores his ship in Storybrooke. After Ursula throws Hook overboard, Ariel saves his life and helps him discover a new plan to help restore Ursula's happy ending. She later helps contact Ursula's father, Poseidon, and bring him to Storybrooke so he can reconcile with his daughter. After this, Ariel returns to Hangman's Island. A while later, she enters her hut to discover Hook, Jasmine and Aladdin have broken in and triggered a trap.

She is pleased to see Hook and Jasmine again and soon also becomes acquainted with Aladdin. After learning of their plight and that they were led to her hut while tracking Jafar , she brings out a lamp which she believes to be Agrabahn. Jasmine takes the lamp and, assured by the presence of Ariel, Hook, and Aladdin, who she believes to be heroes, prepares to face her fears and Jafar.

However, when Jafar emerges, he is easily able to break the genie curse, much to Ariel's surprise, and proceeds to freeze Ariel, Aladdin and Hook in place, before he faces Jasmine alone. After Jasmine has used magical dust to transform Jafar into a staff, the trio is freed from the sorcerer's magic and regain mobility. Jasmine then reveals that Agrabah is inside the ring she has been wearing and she now knows how to bring it back with true love's kiss, and proceeds to kiss Aladdin, magically transporting Agrabah back to its proper place and the four heroes with it.

Now that the ring no longer contains the kingdom, Ariel asks for permission to keep it as a trinket. Afterward, Hook asks Ariel if she can get back home and she states that she will be able to use her mermaid powers by swimming in the nearby Agrabah Gulf. Realizing that she can help with Hook's problem of being separated from Emma , Ariel offers a magic conch shell that Hook can use to communicate into as long as there's someone on the other end.

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Hook begins to speak into it, telling Emma the truth of what happened, though he is unsure if she is on the other end. Ariel was the main character in a few of the comic stories in the four-issue serial. The timeframe takes place at least a year prior to the film, due to Ariel being referred to as The first and second issues had her disposing of a creature called the Serpentine in a failed negotiation with the Moray people. She also ended up abducted by a metallic fish in the final issue. She was the main character in the issue Marvel serial comics that, like the TV series, took place prior to the events of the first film.

One of the issues also had her acting as a knight. She also saved Flounder from petrification in the penultimate issue. In the final issue, after a fight with Triton, she managed to learn the history of Atlantica and Atlantis from a wizard fish. She eventually told Triton this, but when she tried to find the wizard fish, he disappeared, although not before leaving a note. Besides the main storyline, Ariel also featured in the 12th Issue of the anthology series Disney Comic Hits!

In Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events , several events Josephine was irrationally afraid of occur when her home falls into the lake including a fridge nearly falling on Klaus and a radiator exploding. In the end, Josephine pleads with Count Olaf in his disguise of Captain Sham to let her live by offering the Baudelaire children and their fortune in exchange for her own safety, but he pushes her overboard from a small sailboat after she corrected the grammar of her own death sentence, literally.

It is heavily implied that she meets the same fate as her husband. Josephine is surrounded by leeches and her tattered life jackets are found later by fishermen at the time the orphans were in Prufrock Preparatory School, two books later, but it is not conclusively established if she survived or not. Isaac "Ike" Anwhistle is the late husband of Josephine Anwhistle and the brother of Gregor Anwhistle, making him a distant relative of the Baudelaires. He was shown to have a courageous personality and had a love for grammar, like his wife.

While on a picnic during his life, Ike wanted to go swimming in Lake Lachrymose, though Josephine had warned him to wait an hour after eating, as if he didn't he would attract the Lachrymose Leeches. Ignoring Josephine, he only waited 45 minutes, which led to him being devoured by the Lachrymose Leeches, leaving Josephine traumatized and terrified of the lake. His picture was shown in Josephine's house in "The Wide Window. He was seen with Josephine, where she talked about thrill-seeking activities she wanted them to do, later making a brief silent reaction when Ike told her he wanted to have children.

Count Olaf's acting troupe is a troupe of actors who are the followers of Count Olaf. They follow Count Olaf in his plans to obtain the Baudelaire fortune. Fernald , commonly known as the Hook-Handed Man , is an assistant of Count Olaf who has hooks instead of hands. First appearing in The Bad Beginning as part of his theatre troupe, he was sent to Justice Strauss' house to retrieve the Baudelaires where he even claimed to them that Count Olaf hasn't ripped them limb from limb yet because he doesn't have the Baudelaire fortune yet.

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When Count Olaf's true nature is exposed, the Hook-Handed Man is among the members of Count Olaf's theater troupe that escape in the blackout. Lucafont to examine the supposed bite marks that the Mamba Du Mal supposedly left on Montgomery Montgomery. Lucafont's fake hands exposing him as well. Both men managed to get away. He wore a long coat that had long sleeves that hid his hooks. He appears in The Hostile Hospital , posing as a doctor at Heimlich Hospital where he assisted Olaf's surgical attempt to murder Violet.

In The Carnivorous Carnival , the Hook-Handed Man helped to dig the pit for the lions that will be used for the lion-feeding event at the Caligari Carnival. In addition, the Hook-Handed Man was equipped with a giant noodle to whip any disobeying freaks. In The Grim Grotto , Fiona meets him and it is revealed that they are siblings where Captain Widdershins is his stepfather. The Bald Man With the Long Nose is one of Olaf's henchmen, he is described as a bald man with a hooked nose who always wears a black robe. At the time when Count Olaf's true nature is exposed, the Bald Man is among the members of Count Olaf's theatre troupe that escape during the blackout.

In The Hostile Hospital , the Bald Man disguises himself as the head doctor at Heimlich Hospital while using a surgical mask to cover his face both times. In The Carnivorous Carnival , the Bald Man helped to dig the pit for the lions that will be used in the lion-feeding event at the Caligari Carnival. He and Olivia Caliban fell into the lion pit during the crowd chaos and are devoured by the lions.

Described as a gigantic, overweight individual, with pure white eyes and an androgynous appearance. The Person is immensely strong and never speaks, except in bellows and roars. As the Person's gender is said to not look like a man nor a woman, even Count Olaf doesn't know what the Person's gender is. At the time when Count Olaf's true nature is exposed, the Person is among the members of Count Olaf's theatre troupe that escape during the blackout. In The Hostile Hospital , the Person poses as a hospital security guard.

The Person is last seen trapped in a fire at Heimlich Hospital trying to catch the Baudelaires. Their fate is unknown. The two white-faced Women are two members of Olaf's theater troupe who always cover their faces in white powder. They are apparently twins. They disguise themselves as cafeteria workers in The Austere Academy where they succeed in abducting the Quagmire Children. Tocuna and Nurse Flo. In The Carnivorous Carnival , the White-Faced Women helped to dig the pit for the lions that will be used for the lion-feeding event at the Caligari Carnival.

The White-Faced Women abandon Count Olaf in The Slippery Slope after accusing him of starting a fire that killed their third sibling and when they refused to kill Sunny. Their fates have been speculated by Lemony Snicket to either have them singing sad songs in some of the gloomiest music halls in the city, living together in the Hinterlands attempting to grow rhubarb in the dry and barren ground, or never making it out of the Mortmain Mountains where their bones can be found in one of the mountain range's many unbearable caves.

The Wart-Faced Man is a man with warts on his face who is a minor member of Count Olaf's theater troupe where he works on Count Olaf's play that would have him actually marrying Violet. Lemony Snicket described him as being important-looking. The Wart-Faced Man isn't seen again after that. Prior to the events of the series, she was a professional stage actress and member of V. She often wears ridiculous outfits that she considers stylish. After the "In Auction", during which Olaf in the disguise of Gunther completes a complicated scheme to "launder" the kidnapping of the remaining Quagmire triplets, he drives away with her in his truck.

Although the Baudelaires attempt to warn her of Gunther's true identity, she reveals that she not only knew all along, but that Olaf was her acting teacher. The file is kept in the Library of Records at the hospital, where the Baudelaires have been working in the hope of discovering more about V.

She attempts to murder the orphans by crushing them with book shelves and later burns down the Library of Records. The improved of her and later gave her a submarine and makes her captain in the Grim Grotto. She wears a " lettuce bikini " with silver sandals and silver lipstick, and has her name carved into her fingernails at the time when she and Carmelita Spats were staying at the Hotel Denouement and sighted at its rooftop sunbathing salon. The different guests talked about a cocktail party held by her boyfriend with the initials "J. She was on the 2nd floor when the Baudelaires last saw her.

In "The Slippery Slope Pt. This causes a rift between the two and in "The Penultimate Peril Pt. In addition, Vice-Principal Nero is a fan of hers. In "The Penultimate Peril Pt. She dislikes the Baudelaires, taunting them for being orphans and calling them "cakesniffers. She hikes up the Mortmain Mountain every year with the group, which celebrates the False Spring by crowning her queen. In The Grim Grotto , she claims to be a "tap-dancing ballerina fairy princess veterinarian" and performs a recital.

In The Penultimate Peril , she dresses as a "ballplaying cowboy superhero soldier pirate" and has a pool and a ship brought to the rooftop sunbathing salon of the Hotel Denouement. The series also comically depicts her literally sniffing cakes which she does in secret in the middle of the night when nobody is looking. In "The Grim Grotto" Pt. In "The Penultimate Peril" Pt. They later side with Count Olaf. Hugo is a hunchback who is one of the Caligari Carnival freaks. He has a hunched back that makes him look slightly awkward. He is good-natured and always flexible towards the present circumstances.

Hugo lives with the Baudelaire children for a small period of time in The Carnivorous Carnival and appears to bond with Sunny Baudelaire when they make soup together. After discovering that the Baudelaire siblings aren't actually freaks, Hugo appears especially bitter towards them in The Slippery Slope. In The Penultimate Peril , which marks his final appearance in the series, he and the freaks are present at the Hotel Denouement where Hugo poses as a worker at the hotel's rooftop sunbathing salon.

When Dewey Denouement is killed during the confrontation with Count Olaf which awakens all the hotel patrons, he agrees with Mrs. Bass when she claims that the Baudelaire children are criminals and he says that they are too freakish to be allowed to move around freely. During the blindfolded trial presided over by Justice Strauss, Hugo presents some carnival posters as evidence.

When Hotel Denouement catches fire, Hugo, Colette, and Kevin are last seen holding the bird paper that Klaus hung on the outside of the sauna. Hugo asks if the plan for the hors-d'oeuvres is still in operation. It is left uncertain whether Hugo survived the fire at the Hotel Denouement. However, they immediately wise up to his carelessness when he has them stay outside their camp during the events of "The Slippery Slope Pt.

Colette is a contortionist who is one of the Caligari Carnival freaks. She considers her trait to be an abnormality rather than an ability. In The Slippery Slope , Colette wondered why the White-Faced Women disliked their paleness since they used makeup and powder in front of her. In The Penultimate Peril , Colette was present at the Hotel Denouement where she posed as a chemist in a long white coat and surgical mask staying at the Hotel Denouement that is outside of the sauna when Frank or Ernest Denouement suggests that she takes Sir and Charles to room where Organic Chemistry is. During the blindfolded trial, Colette submitted some drawings as evidence.

When Hotel Denouement was starting to catch on fire, Hugo, Colette, and Kevin were last seen holding the bird paper that Klaus hung on the outside of the sauna. Colette talks about plucking the feathers off some crows. It is left uncertain if Colette survived the fire at the Hotel Denouement. Kevin is an ambidextrous man with a wrinkly face who is one of the Caligari Carnival freaks. Though his trait is considered advantageous by many people, he views it as a disability. During the blindfolded trial, Kevin submitted books as evidence with both his hands. Kevin wonders if he should hold the bird paper with his left hand or his right hand.

It is left uncertain if Kevin survived the fire at the Hotel Denouement. The Man with a Beard But No Hair is a high-voiced man who has no background history, but is said to be villainous to the point that even Count Olaf fears him. In the TV series, he is played by Richard E. The Man with a Beard But No Hair has a deep and haunting voice in the series and was a father figure and mentor of sorts to Olaf.

He constantly viewed him as a disappointment and even scoffs at his quest to acquire the Baudelaire fortune. In contrast to the novel, he chastises Olaf for not burning down the Hotel Denouement when he claimed to the people in the lobby that the fire warning is a fake. Count Olaf responds by leaving him and the Woman with Hair But No Beard behind as Justice Strauss shouts that they are an disgrace to the legal profession.

Her "aura of menace" even frightens Count Olaf and Lemony Snicket states that he refused to write down her real name. In the TV series, she is played by Beth Grant. She has a plain and feminine voice in the series and was a mother figure and mentor of sorts to Olaf. She constantly viewed him as a disappointment and even scoffs at his quest to acquire the Baudelaire fortune. In contrast to the novel, she chastises Olaf for burning down the Hotel Denouement when he claimed to the people in the lobby that the fire warning is a fake.

Count Olaf responds by leaving her and the Man with a Beard But No Hair behind as Justice Strauss shouts that they are a disgrace to the legal profession. In The Bad Beginning , it was mentioned that there were at least seven other members of Count Olaf's troupe that attended Count Olaf's dinner party. While the Baudelaires didn't get a good look at them, they can tell that they are frightening like the rest of the troupe members. Chapter 10 of Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography mentioned the tallying of 17 total members of Count Olaf's acting troupe in Lemony's commonplace book that was sent to Valorous Farms Dairy.

These unseen associates were mentioned here. Duncan, Isadora, and Quigley Quagmire are triplets who help the Baudelaires on some of their adventures. While they are often mistaken to be twins because Quigley supposedly died in a fire, Duncan and Isadora still consider themselves to be triplets. They are named after Isadora Duncan , a dancer who was strangled to death when her scarf became caught in the wheel of her car.

The Quagmires attempt to help the Baudelaires work out Count Olaf's plan, but end up being kidnapped by him. In the latter, they end up escaping in a hot-air balloon house with Hector. In The End , Kit Snicket tells the Baudelaires that she briefly met up with them, but does not know what happened to them as she abandoned them when threatened by the Great Unknown. The TV series portrays a romantic relationship between Duncan and Violet Baudelaire that is not seen in the books and was originally depicted there with Quigley. Much like the novel, they escape with Hector in the hot-air balloon. They briefly appear in "The End", where Lemony postulates that they successfully reunited with Quigley.

Quigley Quagmire is the brother of Duncan and Isadora Quagmire , who supposedly died in the fire which killed his parents. He actually escaped and eventually managed to find the Baudelaires in The Slippery Slope , where he helped Violet and Klaus rescue their sister and later falls in love with Violet and was confirmed to be the survivor of the fire that was sighted in the Mortmain Mounntains. He was then separated from the Baudelaires. Though he managed to meet up with his siblings according to Kit Snicket in The End , she does not know what happened to him after abandoning him to the Great Unknown.

He appears in both parts of "The Grim Grotto" where he is shown to have acquired the sugar bowl and has the birds take it to the Hotel Denouement. He briefly appears in "The End", where Lemony postulates that he successfully reunited with Duncan and Isadora. After a brief stay with Mr. Poe, the children are shuffled from one legal guardian to another until The Vile Village when they run away from the Village of Fowl Devotees and become fugitives for the "murder" of Count Olaf.

From this point on, there is always someone or in some cases several someones who takes care of them. His real name is not known, although it has been described as being hard to pronounce. Poe has attempted to pronounce the first syllable of the name, using a radically different syllable every time Wuz, Qui, Bek, Duy, Sho, Gek, etc.

Klaus may have been able to pronounce it, but he is shot down by Mr. Poe stating it's too complicated for an adult. Equally obscure is Sir's appearance. Sir's entire head is hidden by the thick smoke of his ever-burning cigar ; Lemony Snicket also stated that neither the Baudelaires, the reader, or himself would ever see Sir's face. He shows little or no concern for either the Baudelaire orphans or his employees, whom he pays in coupons and provides with an unsatisfying meal of chewing gum.

His partner Charles mentions that he has had a terrible childhood. Following Count Olaf being exposed, the death of Dr. He later appears in The Penultimate Peril where he and Charles were at Hotel Denouement and staying in room which was reserved for people in the lumbermill industry. Klaus takes them to the sauna down the hall.

Charles explains to Sir that he wants to apologize to the Baudelaires for their treatment. While in the sauna, the two of them talk about a party on Thursday held by a person with the initials J. Sir planned to do business with some rich people there in order to save his lumber business. Frank or Ernest Denouement appears and states to Sir and Charles that the sauna has to be cleared out. To satisfy Sir's claim of liking the burning wood smell, Frank or Ernest has Colette posing as a chemist waiting outside to take them to room where Organic Chemistry is.

When Dewey Denouement is accidentally killed during a confrontation with Count Olaf which woke up all the patrons, Sir claimed the Baudelaires caused accidents at the Lucky Smells Lumbermills where Charles stated that Count Olaf was responsible for them. During the blindfolded trial, Sir submitted employment papers as evidence. When Count Olaf starts a fire at the Hotel Denouement, Sir was last seen holding hands with Charles on one of the floors arguing about the use of fires in the lumbermill industry.

In the Netflix series, he is portrayed by Don Johnson. Unlike the novel, his face is completely shown. As he never encountered Mr. Poe, he met the Baudelaire children when they were brought to him by Charles who found them near the Lucky Smells Lumbermill. Upon the Baudelaire children breaking Georgina Orwell's hypnosis on the workers, Sir flees during the employee chaos.

His role in "The Penultimate Peril" has been omitted. Charles is kind to the Baudelaires but not very helpful; he organizes a library to be set up at the mill but it only contained three books. He was nearly killed by a hypnotized Klaus before being broken free from Dr. Georgina Orwell's hypnosis by Violet. When Sir fires the Baudelaire children thinking that they will bring more misery to the lumbermill, Charles objected to Sir's action. Charles makes an appearance in The Penultimate Peril , staying with Sir in the Hotel Denouement where they are seen in room with other people in the lumbermill industry.

He explains to Sir that he wants to apologize to the Baudelaires for their treatment and he is sent a letter by J. Both of them are taken by Klaus to the sauna that's down the hall where they both talk about a party on Thursday held by someone with the initials J. Although it is not stated in the book, Charles may be on the firefighting side of V.

Charles voices his concerns about fires being used in the lumber business to Sir. Frank or Ernest Denouement appears and states to Sir and Charles that the sauna has to be cleared off. When Dewey Denouement is accidentally killed during a confrontation with Count Olaf which woke up all the patrons, Charles objects to Sir's claims that the Baudelaires caused accidents at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill and states that Count Olaf was responsible.

During the blindfolded trial, Sir submitted some environmental studies as evidence. When Count Olaf starts a fire at the Hotel Denouement, Charles was last seen holding hands with Sir on one of the floors where they argue about the use of fire in the lumbermill industry. It is strongly implied that Charles is Sir's domestic partner , something that was only vaguely implied in The Penultimate Peril. In this show, Charles was the one who found the Baudelaires near the property and brought them to Sir.

Charles mentions that he does things for Sir like ironing his clothes, cooking his omelets, and making him milkshakes. Before leaving to find Sir after he fled during the employee chaos, Charles shows the Baudelaires the truth about their parents actually fighting the fire in Paltryville. His role in "The Penultimate Peril" has been omitted, though Jerome mentioned that he has taken a liking to him and claims that he is busy with the lumber mill. His name is seemingly an allusion to the Roman Emperor Nero , who is often said to have "fiddled while Rome burned.

Vice Principal Nero plays the violin, and he expects all the students to attend his daily six-hour violin performances. Nero dresses in a brown suit with a necktie patterned with pictures of snails.

Harry Potter

In The Austere Academy , his hair is tied into four pigtails, but by The Penultimate Peril , they have grown into four long braids that dangle behind him. Nero often mimics what others have just said in a high, mocking tone and has numerous strict and unusual punishments for his students, especially if they miss his violin performances where those who miss it must buy a bag of candy and watch Nero eat the whole bag.

In his first appearance, he gives Mr. Poe the approval to let the Baudelaires live at his boarding school where his security system will detect Count Olaf if he came near the school. While he has adorded the student Carmelita Spats, he unknowingly hired Count Olaf in the form of Coach Genghis to be the new gym teacher.

When the Baudelaires were caught "cheating" in the S. Bass and Mr. Even after Count Olaf was exposed as Coach Genghis and gets away, Nero still wouldn't have the Baudelaires living with him which he argued with Mr. Poe on. K following Mr. Remora's retirement. K had given her students books that weren't on the approved reading list.

Upon Nero firing her, she ran off and took two orphaned students with her. Nero re-appears in The Penultimate Peril when he, along with Mr. Remora and Mrs. Bass staying in room at the Hotel Denouement and are invited to a cocktail party hosted by "J. When being taken by a disguised Sunny to the Hotel Denouement's Indian restaurant run by Hal, Nero expresses interest to perform his violin at the cocktail party so that his musical genius can be recognized and he can resign as vice-principal. When Nero hears from Hal that they don't serve candy in his restaurant, Nero comments that he won't have anything.

When Dewey Denouement is accidentally killed during a confrontation with Count Olaf which woke up all the patrons, Nero mimics what Mr. Remora claimed about the Baudelaire children and claims that Violet and Klaus failed all the tests and weren't good students while Sunny was the worst administrative assistant. During the blindfolded trial, Nero submitted administrative records as evidence. Remora were last seen wandering the seventh story as Nero starts to worry about his violin case.

In this show, his full name is Nero Feint where he is less cruel and more sympathetic as well as being financially poor. When Sunny was working as Nero's administrative assistant, he had her write letters to certain people in the music community to ask them about the reasons behind the restraining orders they sent him. In addition, Nero is also shown to not like Olivia Caliban. Nero later assists Mr. Bass into giving an exam to the Baudelaires where he had Sunny organize the list of students who owe him candy by the color of the candy in question.

Sunny passes this test as Nero is inspired to keep improving his musical ways. He was shown to have been surprised when Count Olaf was exposed.

Harry James Potter

Unlike the books, Nero doesn't expel the Baudelaires. Instead, Mr. Poe takes them away to their next guardian following Count Olaf's escape. He also claimed that the Baudelaires were troublemakers and that Count Olaf still owes him bags of candy for the violin recitals that he didn't attend unlike Coach Ghengis. Nero had a conversation with a taxi driver that used to go to Prufrock Preparatory. When the taxi driver asks how the principal has been, Nero states that the vice-principal is second best and that nobody has seen the principal in years. Jerome is rich and successful as is his wife.

The Baudelaires leave Jerome behind as he does not wish to help them rescue the Quagmires. One letter Lemony got from Jerome had him mentioning that the food at "The Anxious Clown" was terrible. Jerome returns in The Penultimate Peril. Feeling guilty at his desertion of the Baudelaires, he has been researching their case and writing a book about injustice entitled Odious Lusting After Finance a backronym of "Olaf" [ citation needed ]. When Dewey Denouement is accidentally killed during this confrontation which woke up all the patrons, Jerome states that the Baudelaires aren't murderers.

He gives his book to Justice Strauss to be used as evidence against Count Olaf at Count Olaf and the Baudelaires's trial which was met with a mix of cheers and hisses. His book was later used for kindling when Count Olaf started the fire at the Hotel Denouement. He is the last official guardian of the Baudelaire children. He is given the task of taking care of the Baudelaires under the Council of Elders' direction because nobody else wants the job. Hector is known to be skittish and always looks down and never speaks when in front of the Council of Elders, even when the Baudelaires needed his help in proving their innocence of Jacques Snicket's murder at the time when Jacques was mistaken for Count Olaf.

He later escapes with the Quagmire triplets on his self-sustaining hot air mobile home, after finally standing up to the Council of Elders. Notably, Hector is the only one of the Baudelaires' guardians who immediately believes them when they say that Count Olaf is present in disguise. He is also the only guardian who actively tries to help them discover more about V. Hector mentioned to the Baudelaires that his mother was busted for violating the rule where you can't wear white after Yom Kippur. He mentioned that his mom had to pay a fine and she later moved to the City where she opened a gallery.

Hal is a near-sighted man in small glasses that first appears in the eighth novel The Hostile Hospital. Working as a bookkeeper at the Library of Records in the Heimlich Hospital, he is one of the oldest men that the Baudelaires have ever met. When the Library of Records is burned down with the hospital by Count Olaf , Hal is quick to believe that the Baudelaires are responsible and so turns against them.

He eventually forgives the Baudelaires and apologizes for believing Geraldine Julienne's stories in The Daily Punctilio. In The Penultimate Peril , he reappears as the owner of an Indian restaurant at the Hotel Denouement in room after he was approached by Dewey Denouement. He waited on Vice-Principal Nero, Mr. Remora, and Mrs. Bass when they were brought to his restaurant by a disguised Sunny. Although he owns the Indian restaurant and is seen wearing a turban, Hal is a terrible cook as mentioned when somebody's voice was heard in one of the windows claiming that he or she couldn't sleep because of the Indian food that he made.

It is hinted that Hal may be a V. Remora who failed to understand it as Mr. Remora quotes that "it will be a sad occasion if you don't feed us. During the blindfolded trial, Hal submitted some paperwork. Poe arrives. Hal has him fill out the paperwork to get him checked out for his hay fever. When Klaus and Sunny in their alias of Dr. As Count Olaf in the alias of Mattathias Medicalschool starts a fire at the Heimlich Hospital and blames the Baudelaires for starting it, Hal joins the Person of Indeterminate Gender and some members of the Volunteers Fighting Disease into pursuing them.

Before the fire can get worse, Hal managed to make it out alive feeling depressed at the loss of the Library of Records as he walks past Lemony Snicket during his narration. His part in "The Penultimate Peril" is omitted, though he does appear in a newspaper clipping with Mr. Olivia Caliban a. Madame Lulu [15] appears solely in The Carnivorous Carnival.

She is technically the ninth guardian of the Baudelaire orphans due to the fact that the Baudelaires go to work for her. She is a fraudulent fortune-teller. Her lightning device operated by reflecting beams of the sunrise tricks guests into believing in magical lightning. After instructing them to close their eyes, she seeks out the answers from the archival library under her table. Madame Lulu says she just likes giving people what they want. It is implied, but not explicitly stated, that she is a member of V. The Grim Grotto reveals that she once knew Captain Widdershins. Lulu promised the Baudelaires that she wouldn't tell Count Olaf where they were if they took her to the Mortmain Mountains.

This place was marked on her map, but Klaus found that it was a coffee stain, but he later said that it might be there to refer to as a secret place, such as the headquarters of V. She met a sticky end when she fell into the lions' pit along with the Bald Man With the Long Nose during the crowd chaos.

After that, at the performance "Madame Lulu was to throw "Beverly and Eliot" into the pit. She was uncertain, which led everyone into a frenzy, rushing to throw them in. In all the commotion Madame Lulu fell into the pit. She has been implied to be a fortune-teller mentioned in a much earlier book who cursed Lemony Snicket when a policeman tripped Mr.

Snicket, causing him to break the crystal ball he was holding. When Olivia removes her turban , Snicket states she has blond hair but in illustrations, she is shown with black hair. If this is simply a mistake or not is unknown. A later book mentions an " Olivia Caliban ", who may be Olivia and who thus may be the sister of Friday's father Thursday Caliban. After Olivia visits Mr. Poe and attempts to show him the book in "The Ersatz Elevator" while also mentioning that Vice-Principal Nero put her on an unpaid leave, Jacquelyn enlists Jacques Snicket to bring Olivia into the organization.

Olivia and Jacques later attend an auction presided over by Count Olaf's Gunther alias. Madame Lulu turns out to be a title for the V. When Count Olaf and his troop arrive at the carnival in hopes of finding out whether or not one of the Baudelaires' parents survived the fire as seen in "The Carnivorous Carnival," Olivia attempts to stall them until the other Madame Lulu arrives. She later encounters the Baudelaires, disguised as freaks, and gives them some of the information she has gained as a member of V.

However, she promises to take them to the old V. Before they can leave, unfortunately, Count Olaf begins the performance where one of the freaks will be thrown into the lion's pit, picking Klaus and Violet's two-headed disguise. Klaus and Violet attempt to trick Count Olaf out onto the platform by telling him to come push them in to make it more dramatic, plotting to push him in instead, but he sends Olivia to push them in in his place.

Olivia manages to push them over the pit to safety. Before she can take out Count Olaf, he cuts the rope on the platform and drops her into the pit where she is devoured by the lions offscreen, much to the horror of the crowd. At the destroyed Caligari Carnival, Lemony Snicket stated that he never got to meet Olivia and that his brother loved her. Bruce is briefly a guardian of the Baudelaires. Count Olaf cheated him out of Uncle Monty's reptile collection except for one reptile, most likely the Incredibly Deadly Viper.

This was confirmed in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography , in which Lemony receives the letter from the owners of the Prospero. At Hotel Denouement shortly after Dewey Denouement is accidentally killed, a man's voice is heard from one of the windows calling for a man named Bruce to come back to bed. Later as the hotel starts to burn, the Baudelaires hear the same man calling out for this Bruce while a woman calls out for her mother. It hasn't been confirmed if this is the same Bruce or a different Bruce.

When it came to the TV series, Daniel Handler stated in a Facebook interview that he became fond of Bruce and states that he won't be in the TV series. While she is the leader of the Snow Scouts, Carmelita mostly uses Brucie as a pack mule. Once Carmelita was gone with the Snow Scouts, Brucie runs off in the opposite direction and throws off the backpacks stating "I'm free. Captain Widdershins is the captain of the Queequeg submarine and the stepfather of Fiona and Fernald. He is extremely emphatic, with almost all of his sentences being exclamations, and permeates his speech with the word "Aye!

Captain Widdershins is considered the eleventh guardian of the Baudelaires. He seems aware that Fiona takes a fancy to Klaus he accuses them of flirting when Fiona is proud Klaus knows what a mycologist is , stating that if Klaus finds the sugar bowl, he will "allow [Klaus] to marry Fiona. The reason may have to do with a woman who approached the Queequeg to tell Captain Widdershins something involving him being required to leave the submarine.

In The Penultimate Peril , Kit Snicket says that she intends to meet Captain Widdershins and is later mentioned water-skiing towards and, soon after, away from him. Kit had contacted all three of the Quagmire Triplets as well as their guardian Hector and had met with them and the crew of the Queequeg when their self-sustaining mobile home crashed into it.

This reunion was short-lived, however, as all of the crew as well as the triplets were picked up by the mysterious '? Another note to make is that though he himself stated that The Great Unknown was "something worse than Olaf himself", he seemed to insist to take his chances with it as mentioned by Kit Snicket in The End. It is possible that Captain Widdershins also has, or had, a fortune because when Count Olaf is talking about all the fortunes he will obtain, he says "the Widdershins fortune.

He does not physically appear in either parts of "The Grim Grotto" and only his portrait is shown. His role is primarily taken over by his daughter Fiona and they continuously state that he is lost at sea. In "The End," Lemony postulates that Fiona and Fernald successfully find him as they hear his transmission. Dewey Denouement is the hotel manager of the Hotel Denouement and the brother of Frank and Ernest, but far fewer people are aware he exists. Also, his parents house was burned down which killed his parents.

At Hotel Denouement, Dewey was also responsible for winding up the clock that is built into the ceiling there. He made himself known to the Baudelaires at midnight where he revealed his library at the bottom of the nearby pond. Dewey and the Baudelaires meet up with the arriving Justice Strauss and Jerome Squalor where all six of them are confronted in the lobby by Count Olaf and his remaining associates.

When he refuses to tell Count Olaf the passwords to unlock a door which supposedly led to a room containing the sugar bowl , Count Olaf threatens to shoot him with a harpoon gun. Poe shows up having been awoken by both sides and it goes off killing Dewey whose body falls into the pond which then sinks. He even quoted "Kit" as his final word. The harpoon gun going off also woke up the other patrons and staff members. As for Dewey's secret library, Lemony Snicket stated that it was unharmed when Hotel Denouement was set on fire.

When he meets the Baudelaires and they travel through the V. Frank Denouement and Ernest Denouement are identical brothers of Dewey and are managers of the Hotel Denouement who oversee the maintenance of the hotel and the needs of the guests. Frank is a "volunteer" while Ernest is a "villain" who used to be part of Count Olaf's theater troupe. The Baudelaires work in the hotel as concierges and meet the managers on several occasions, but fail to tell Frank and Ernest apart. When their brother is accidentally killed during a confrontation with Count Olaf which woke up all the patrons, Frank and Ernest were charged by Justice Strauss to put the Baudelaires in room and Count Olaf in room until her fellow judges arrive.

As both of them are blindfolded for the trial as well, it was not known which one brought the Baudelaires to where the blindfolded trial is. During the trial, Frank and Ernest submitted a commonplace book as evidence. When Violet asks for them to call the fire department, Frank and Ernest ask "which one" as the elevator closes on them. Ernest and Count Olaf capture Larry Your-Waiter at the hotel's Indian restaurant and boil him alive in a pot of curry.

As for Frank, he's the one who brought Olaf back into Hotel Denouement following the death of Dewey and locked him in room In The End , Inky arrived on the island with a pregnant Kit Snicket who revealed that Inky lived on the island before being "discovered" by Montgomery. Following Count Olaf and Kit Snicket's deaths, Inky rounded up the type of apples that were mixed with normal apples and horseradishes in order to give them to the departed castaways following their infection of the Medusoid Mycelium.

The Mamba du Mal is a snake in Montgomery Montgomery's collection which is "one of the deadliest snakes in the hemisphere" that kills its victims by strangling them. After Count Olaf was exposed and the Incredibly Deadly Viper was innocent, the Mamba du Mal is among the reptiles that are packed up by Bruce in order to take them to the Herpetology Society. When Stephano talks about the Mamba du Mal in the second part, it shifts to a snake that might by the Mamba du Mal.

Either way, it alongside the other creatures in Montgomery's collection are claimed by the Herpetology Society in light of Montgomery's death. The Lachrymose Leech is a type of leech that lives in the waters of Lake Lachrymose where they have six rows of sharp teeth, a sharp pointed nose, and a smell of food. As they are blind, the Lachrymose Leeches can attack any human who has just eaten something as well as their usual food of small fish and crabs. Anyone traveling on the lake must wait one hour after eating before entering it for any reason.

In The Wide Window , Josephine Anwhistle mentioned that she lost her husband Ike to the Lachrymose Leeches when he waited 45 minutes before going swimming. When the Baudelaire children and Josephine were leaving Curdling Cave by water, the Baudelaires did not know that Josephine ate a banana which started to attract the Lachrymose Leeches.

As their boat is attacked by the Lachrymose Leeches, Violet invents a signal light that attracts a passing boat. However, the boat is operated by Count Olaf in the alias of Captain Sham. When Josephine begs for Captain Sham to spare her, he got irritated with Josephine and pushed her into the water where the Lachrymose Leeches are.

The V. Crows are a type of crows that are worshiped by the Village of Fowl Devotees and have the same migratory pattern every day. The 1 rule in the Village of Fowl Devotees is to never harm a crow. The Volunteer Feline Detectives are a group of lions that lived in the caves of the Mortmain Mountains. They were trained by the V. At some point following the Schism, the fire-starting side of the V. On a related note, one of Gustav Sebald's movies was called Lions in the Mountains which references these lions and their habitat in the Mortmain Mountains.

In The Carnivorous Carnival , Count Olaf whipped and abused them enough for them to have scars where the Baudelaire children noticed that as they can see the ribs of one of them due to them being lethargic and malnourished. When Count Olaf put on a show at the Caligari Carnival, he held an event where one of its freaks would be fed to the lions.

During the crowd chaos, Olivia Caliban and the Bald Man with the Big Nose were knocked into the lion pit and devoured by the lions. When the Caligari Carnival is burned by Count Olaf, the lions perished in the fire as Count Olaf neglected to get them out of the pit. Lemony Snicket stated that the lions' bodies were blackened when he found them. It wasn't mentioned what happened to the remaining lions in the Volunteer Feline Detectives. In the TV series, a group of starving lions lurk in the haunts near the Caligari Carnival. Two of the lions were captured by Count Olaf for his lion-feeding event.

Just like the book, the lions perished in the Caligari Carnival's fire. The Snow Gnats are small flying insects that inhabit the Mortmain Mountains. Similar to red ants, they enjoy stinging people for no reason. There are two ways to prevent Snow Gnats from stinging people. One is to create smoke by starting a fire since Snow Gnats hate smoke. Another way is to cover the entire body so that they won't attack.

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  7. Three-way race for Oscar.
  8. They managed to find shelter in a cave where Bruce, Carmelita Spats, and the Snow Scouts are taking refuge in. Eagles are a type of eagle that are used by the fire-starting side of the V. They bend to their whim upon hearing their whistles. In The Slippery Slope , the V. In The End , it was mentioned that the V. Eagles have attacked Hector's self-sustaining hot-air mobile home causing it to crash into the Queequeg. The Bombinating Beast is a question mark-shaped sea monster that is said to be the same as the Great Unknown.

    It swims in the oceans that are near the City and is described by Captain Widdershins to be worse than Count Olaf. Edgar and Albert are Mr. Poe's two sons. Poe following their parents' death. The two brothers are unwelcoming to the Baudelaire orphans. Their unwelcoming attitude goes so far to the point that they both think the Baudelaires caused the fire themselves. Lemony Snicket reveals that later in life one became a banker like their father while the other lives in a cave, but that both think that "the other has it better.

    Eleanora Poe is the sister of Mr. Arthur Poe, who is in charge of the Baudelaire orphans' affairs. Eleanora is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Punctilio. She is first mentioned as " a tiresome woman named Eleanora " who was in an elevator at the Hotel Preludio with the Baudelaire family one day when Bertrand played a prank that forced her to stop at every floor on the way to her hotel room.

    It is implied that Eleanora and Arthur are not part of the V. Neither Eleanora nor Arthur seem to understand it or decide to ignore it. She tried to telegram her brother only for an imposter to tell Mr. Poe to ignore all incoming telegrams. In the TV series, her character is changed to be Mr. Poe's wife upon being amalgamated with Polly Poe and she is portrayed by Cleo King. She is shown to be more concerned with the Baudelaires' fame in the papers than their actual living conditions.

    In addition, she has used the "Wait until the readers of the Daily Punctilio see that! Arthur was surprised by her appearance and stated that they should've carpooled. She even joins in the villagers pursuing of them and the Quagmires in order to get an interview from them. Her story about Count Olaf's "death" makes the front page of the Daily Punctilio.

    In "The End," it is shown years later following the death of Count Olaf that the Daily Punctilio is printing out its last issue with its front picture implying that Eleanora Poe has been arrested for false reporting and unethical practices as seen on the final issue being read by a patron at Old Ed's Soda Shop. Polly Poe is Arthur Poe's wife. While the Baudelaires stay at the Poes' house, she buys a lot of itchy and ugly clothing.


    She later appears at the theater for Count Olaf's performance of The Marvelous Marriage and was there when Count Olaf's plot was exposed. In The Ersatz Elevator , Mr. Poe says that he will tell his wife that dark is in, indicating that she is interested in fashion. Justice Strauss is a judge who lives next door to Count Olaf. The Baudelaires initially take a liking to her as soon as they meet in The Bad Beginning and her library also comes in handy in the foiling of Count Olaf's plot to get the Baudelaire fortune. At the purported mock wedding that Olaf sets up at the theater, she plays the judge and unwittingly almost marries Violet to Olaf, legally.

    At the end of the book following Count Olaf and his troupe getting away, she offers to look after the Baudelaires only for it to not be possible due to legal obligations on the part of Mr. Strauss reappears in The Penultimate Peril. She has been researching the Baudelaire case and attempts to bring Count Olaf to justice. Justice Strauss and Jerome Squalor meet up with Dewey Denouement and the Baudelaires at Hotel Denouement where they are confronted in the lobby by Count Olaf and his remaining associates. After Dewey Denouement is accidentally killed, Justice Strauss breaks up the commotion between the guests.

    She informs everyone present that the authorities have been summoned and that they will have a trial on the Baudelaire children and Count Olaf. Justice Strauss has the Baudelaires placed in room while Count Olaf is placed in room When it came to the trial, she had issued an order beforehand to have the Baudelaires, Count Olaf, Frank and Ernest Denouement, and those attending the trial wear blindfolds to go with the "Justice is blind" saying. Though she did had to direct them to where the respectful benches are.

    In addition, Justice Strauss states that anyone who peeks will be found guilty of contempt of court. Olaf kidnaps Justice Strauss and the Baudelaires follow the two. They end up ascending the roof of the Hotel Denouement after setting fire to the building as part of the Baudelaire children's plan to leave a signal in the sky to warn those of the firefighting side of the V.

    It is unknown if she got out of the burning hotel or not. Gustav Sebald is a film director and member of the V. When Count Olaf arrived at his house in the disguise of Stephano, Montgomery was informed that Gustav has suddenly and suspiciously resigned. Gustav's movie "Zombies in the Snow" was seen at Tedia's local theater by the Baudelaire children, Montgomery, and Stephano. The coded message that Montgomery couldn't understand was "Attention!

    Hidden in the snowman is a survivor of the fire. Meet us in the town where this film takes place. Bring the three children. Your new assistant is not one of us. He first appears where he serves food to the Baudelaire children, Mr. Poe, and Count Olaf in his alias of Captain Sham. In Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography , a letter Lemony received from Jacques advised him to visit The Anxious Clown and look for a waiter who quoted "I didn't realize this was a sad occasion.

    Count Olaf manages to overpower Larry as the rest of his troupe swarms over him. Poe and the Baudelaire children, Larry serves them food as Count Olaf's theater troupe makes sure that he sticks to the script. While struggling to get untied, he does managed to answer a call from Mr. When the Hook-Handed Man grabbed the phone, Mr. Quagmire hung up knowing that the Anxious Clown has been compromised.

    In "The Austere Academy," Larry appears as a cafeteria worker at Prufrock Preporatory school where he misplaced a book about secret societies that Jacquelyn gave him. He gets locked in the walk-in refrigerator by Count Olaf and is later freed by Jacques Snicket. In "The Ersatz Elevator" Pt. In "The Vile Village" Pt. He was shown to have a history with Mrs. Morrow and Mr. Though they are tied up by Count Olaf's troupe, Larry and Jacquelyn are pleased that the Baudelaire children and the Quagmire children successfully got away in their own ways.

    In "The Carnivorous Carnival" Pt. HQ where he has a message passed along to Lemony Snicket that tells him "Olaf knows" as Lemony runs out in an attempt to thwart Count Olaf's attempt on Beatrice Baudelaire's life. In the present, he appears on a film reel at the Caligari Carnival that talks about the V. While in the tunnels, he is on the phone with someone about the survivor of the Baudelaire fire being sighted at the Mortmain Mountains when he starts to smell smoke.

    Phil was one of the friendlier mill workers, and helped the Baudelaires adjust to their new home. During the Baudelaires' stay at the lumbermill, Phil was injured by a mill machine, operated by Klaus, who was hypnotized at the time. On the bright side, Phil is an eternally optimistic character who is not upset about the accident, by saying things such as "at least no one would ask whether I'm right-handed or left-handed. In The Grim Grotto , Phil worked as a cook at a submarine manned by Captain Widdershins who calls him Cookie and his stepdaughter Fiona although all he can make are damp casseroles.

    Klaus believes that Phil is still being affected by the stamping machine accident upon seeing his limp, but Phil claims it to be a shark bite. He, along with Captain Widdershins, abandons the Baudelaires and Fiona during the middle of the novel for unknown reasons or had been captured , and does not appear in The Penultimate Peril or The End. It is suspected that Phil may have left his work at Lucky Smells Lumbermill due to a lack of sufficient pay; in The Miserable Mill he states that he has read law books and learned that being paid with coupons is illegal.

    Despite bringing this up with Sir, it is stated in The Penultimate Peril the workers at the mill are still being paid in coupons. In the TV series, he is portrayed by Chris Gauthier. His roles in "The Miserable Mill" and "The Grim Grotto" are intact except for the fact that he later sported a peg leg where his injury was after an encounter with a shark. Her name is an allusion to George Orwell. Instead of being killed by the gigantic lumber saw, she falls into the furnace where all that was left of her was her glasses.

    In "The Carnivorous Carnival," Georgina made an appearance in a flashback at the celebration at the V. She hypnotized Gustav into kissing her and had to cover up this act in front of Jacquelyn. In the present, she appears on a film reel at the Caligari Carnival that talks about the V. The newspaper clippings in "The Penultimate Peril" Pt. He loves bananas and is constantly seen eating one, smearing banana pulp on his moustache.

    In his class, students are forced to listen to tiresome and extremely short stories he dictates after which he gives examinations on various objective aspects of the stories. He thinks that the Baudelaires are good students and even objected to Vice-Principal Nero expelling them.