The Return of the Laramie Kid

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Fred must ride with Tyree and his prisoner all the way to Cheyenne.

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The unlikely pair has a rough trail ahead of them, and as tough as Tyree is, he has some lessons to learn about the evil men do - and how to survive it. As far as the eye can see is a vast, empty horizon. To make ends meet she runs a temporary stage station.

Miles away, another solitary soul battles for survival. Conagher is a lean, dark-eyed drifter who is not about to let a gang of rustlers push him around. Penniless, Dugan decided to walk the 3, miles from his home in Boston to the mine in the Southwest to check out the offer. But along the way he meets a travel companion named Red.

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Red knows Christian by reputation, and by another name: Bonanza Chris. The Buckskin Line tells of Texas' chaotic early years, when a ragtag group of irregular volunteers fought to defend the far edges of settlement from incursion by Indians and frontier outlaws. In time, they would become known as the Texas Rangers. Crater City, New Mexico, is a bustling mining town brimming with the stench of men hungry to get rich the old fashioned way - by killing the competition. Dennis Conroy is the owner of the biggest saloon in town, and he needs a few good sharpshooters to help protect surveyors laying out a route for a spur line before his rival Hugh Thornton beats him to it.

Joe Buckhorn's handy with a gun, so he takes the job. Against his best advice, he'll also take a liking to the boss's daughter.

The Durango Kid - Texas Panhandle - Charles Starrett, Tex Harding

Worse, Buckhorn starts wondering exactly what kind of man he's working for. When Zach Connors and his pa left their Kentucky homestead in the summer of to see the Rocky Mountains, he didn't realize he would never see his childhood home again or that he would find love, friendship, fame, and a new home in this wild and harsh wilderness.

The Willistonian, Est. 1881

After a grizzly kills his pa, Zach struggles to survive a cold and brutal winter alone. After killing a rouge grizzly and fighting hostile Indians on his own, he becomes known as Grizzly Killer and is respected throughout the West. Along with his dog, Jimbo, whom the Indians call the Great Medicine Dog, he finds Running Wolf, an injured Ute warrior, and together they fight off a hostile war party. They rescue two Shoshone sisters from the brutality of a French trapper and take them as wives. Waylaid by a pack of murdering outlaws, Daniel Strange's lifeless body is left dangling at the end of a rope.

Now, a mysterious gunslinger is on the vengeance trail, packing Strange's trademark twin Colts, and answering to the same name. With fiery green eyes and a temper to match, he won't stop until every last man who killed Strange shares the same fate. And as each bullet finds its mark, his victims will die never knowing the truth: that Daniel Strange may be dead and buried, but his daughter is alive - and killing He came west to the Rockies as a young runaway and grew into a legend among the already legendary frontier mountain men.

They called him Preacher - a name that would become a monument to all who sought adventure in the savage wilderness of America's untamed west. The only man with the skills to lead a wagon train on the last leg of the rugged Oregon trail, Preacher knows they're headed into trouble.

Laramie - Climb Wyoming

It's hard enough for a hundred greenhorns to survive the wilds of the northwest; being pursued by thieving renegade outlaws and Indians with a thirst for gold makes it damn near impossible. In a group of Quantrill's Raiders attempt to rob the Colby National Bank in central Texas, but their efforts are thwarted by a single undercover Texas Ranger who brings the gang to justice frontier style.

The ranger, thought to be from Ft. Laramie, leaves town however before he can be properly thanked and without his true identity revealed. Speculation abounds. By the mids when Fort Laramie began, most of the actors on the west coast were doing some television and movie work so the program was rehearsed and taped for transcription during the evening. In this was the last radio production studio in use in California. The series debuted on January 22, with an episode entitled "Playing Indian. An audition episode was recorded on July 25, Reviewer: albie - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 6, Subject: Happily surprised by how well made this series was First of all I'm not a Western fan but decided to give this a try because of Raymond Burr,Harry Bartell and other familiar voices, but I was hooked from the start and have just listened to the last,41st,episode ,truly a very well made series, recommended to all.

I give this site 10 stars - 5 just is not enough for all they offer!

Return to Laramie

I just think others are better Fort Laramie has excellent research, writing, and sound effects; it has excellent acting. It's as good as any show, not just any western, but for some reason I can't explain, I'm not a fan of the show and have never gotten into it. And,as I said, I have no idea why I'm not a fan of the show.

That said, if I was going to recommend an Gunsmoke as a serious and authentic western old-time-radio show, it would almost certainly be Fort Laramie on second thought. I would almost certainly, on first thought, say The Six Shooter or Frontier Gentleman but they're not nearly as authentic. Reviewer: Coash Road - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 26, Subject: If you like Gunsmoke you should also like Fort Laramie The quality of the acting and writing is top notch. This includes the "sound patterns.

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