Johnny Club - an Xcite Books collection of five erotic gay short stories

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I pulled the T-shirt right over my head, revealing the large, purple blotch high up on my left pec that my arm had been hiding. Was there pain? I dropped my shirt on the black and white tile, my short, red hair standing up on my head like the even shorter hairs were standing up on my neck, and balls. Until he brushed rigid nipple, and my knees buckled.

He played the tip of his finger over my erect, pink nipple, charging it even more erect, a thoughtful expression on his face. He nodded, pulling his finger away from my puny chest which was a pale imitation of his broad chest. Until my outer and inner shorts were around my knees and my rock-hard cock bounced up and into the open, every pulsing, precocious, pink inch of it.

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Lester looked at my twitching cock, my twitching face, then grasped my narrow shoulders and turned me around. Maybe I should offer you more than a beer to make up for things, huh? I gasped. And then his warm, strong hands were on my clenched buttocks, rubbing, squeezing. Lester gripped and kneaded my trembling butt cheeks, his wet mouth on my neck, kissing and licking my brimming skin. I felt his cock against my ass, rising up and filling my crack, his tongue swirling in behind my ear. He gently pumped his hips, driving his hard prick further in between my cheeks, his wet tongue in my ear setting my head to buzzing.

And then his hands were on my chest, cupping and squeezing my pecs, long fingers pinching and rolling my needful nipples. I burned with a wicked, tingling sensation, floating on Cloud Ten. Lester spun me around and clasped me in his strong arms, our hard cocks grinding together.

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Then he pressed his mouth against my mouth, his thick lips moving against my lips, the blowtorch heat from our naked bodies melding us together. He pulled his mouth back, thoughtfully gauging my reaction.

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But when he licked at my quivering lips with a cotton candy pink tongue, I spoke volumes to the guy by grabbing on to his head and mashing my mouth into his. I was flaming full-out homosexual for the very first time in my life, overcome with joy, a man actually in my arms, against my lips and cock. I jammed my tongue into his mouth and we swirled our slippery mouth organs together, surging with erotic energy. He grinned at me, slowly sliding his shaft up and down against my shaft. I bobbed my dizzy head. And I just about lost my head, jumped right out of my skin, when the big guy closed his big mitt over my throbbing cock and towed me over to the shower stall.

My whole body pulsed, the heartbeat in my hand-wrapped dick going like a rabbit. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Johnny Club – an Xcite Books collection of five erotic gay short stories ebook by Landon Dixon

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    She e-mailed back to say she loved it, and encouraged me to start posting on the same site eroticstories. Review by Jared Dean. That sometimes gets the hard-loving lug in trouble, like when he turns his hose on a lad who turns out to be an operative for the Feds. Only a good reaming will make everyone come clean. To Chester, it had a double meaning, being on the run from the Law. To Russell, it had a double meaning also, needing a man to help out around his place, and his person. The wide-open spaces of s Arizona sheltered all kinds of secrets, some of the best kinds.

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    By Landon Dixon

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