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Broadleaf and Sugar maples have the largest leaves, but in a pinch a mountain or vine maple could also be used, though the small leaves of these varieties would be awkward for an adult to use. This low growing, biennial plant flourishes in dry and sandy soils. Its leaves are a fair size and coated with a soft fuzz. The fuzz can be an irritant or a benefit, so use caution when using this plant and wash with water if irritation develops.

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The large, smooth, heart-shaped leaves are perfect for wiping, and the plant can be found in abundance across the eastern United States and Canada. Specifically, the larger leaved variety. It has smooth leaves that would make the perfect emergency toilet paper. Cottonwood also has a bit of an anti-pain effect, and the leaves can be used for things like emergency bandages as well. Finally, any garden plants with large smooth leaves can also work as emergency toilet paper.

Bolted lettuce is a prime example.

Why I stopped using Toilet paper + live demo

Once lettuce bolts it becomes too bitter to eat, but the leaves are large enough for most wiping purposes. But be careful which leaves you take from your garden. For example, squash plant leaves would be too irritating due to the hairs on them. Also, they have a bit of fuzz on them which could potentially be irritating for people with sensitive skin. These beautiful plants grow and flourish in damp areas, near streams, and next to drainage on mountainsides. Their exceptionally large and soft leaves make them the ideal for emergency toilet paper.

Thimbleberry can be found in nearly any mountain region in North America. They die back in the winter but regrow from the root in the spring and summer. This nasty plant flourishes in many of the same areas as the Thimbleberry and would be a nightmare to wipe with because it has thorns and is a severe irritant. There are several other types of leaves that could be used for toilet paper such as dandelion and hazelnut, but before you use them or any of the leaves mentioned above, make sure you have real-world experience identifying them in the wild.

Like this post? A lot of comments saying to wash your butt. With water literally being the most important and maybe one of the most difficult items to get after an EMP, I guess you will at least die with a clean butt. I have 4 things to say 1. If your a girl and have to use paper, wet the paper first then wring out the paper.

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  8. If and after you do step one then go through with a few dry papers. I got a paper cut on my buttocks.

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    If you still have a toilet and running water, consider installing a Bidet. No need for toilet paper with one of these. All you need is a wash cloth to pat yourself dry afterward. Poison Ivy, etc. That is easy to remember. No one was the wiser and my number 2 had an unceremonious burial at sea.

    Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo – podcast

    Bury it on dry land at least 5 m from any water source. You will fertilise the land 2.

    Learn to wash with water. Easier and cleaner than any other method.

    25 Products For People Who Poop

    They are compacted wipes that are not wet and they are the size of a nickel. When you pour a drop or two of water on it, the coin unfolds and makes a big wipe. The bag they come in is about the size of a cantaloupe. They are boxed so you can stack them into tote boxes. That is what our family is going to use.

    I carry them in my Get Home Bag now. Interesting read! I have read most of the article and most of the replies so I realize this article is for dramatic measures when toilet paper is completely unavailability. Drastic measures after that. Do Not make a latrine within feet of a creek river or lake for this reason. People in rural Indonesia are being educated to wash their clothes well away from the river so as not to pollute the river.

    There are many other models that use solar power to run the fan and do not evaporate the liquids, so it is not a simple comparison. I am just making the point that composting toilets often use electricity too. At least with the Cinderella, you only use electricity when you use the toilet. It also is great for cold climates, being totally freeze-proof.

    Perhaps one could stick an HRV on the exhaust and heat your home with it. They also make a version that runs on propane gas to do the poop cooking and a little 12 volt DC to run the fans, but depending on where you live, that can have a much higher carbon footprint. The Cinderella is not cheap, but nothing made in Norway is. But that is a bargain compared to a septic system, and comparable with the fanciest composting systems. It uses a lot of electricity and there are composting toilets that don't. But it is exciting to see innovation in the slow moving world of waste.

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    Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo

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