Developing and Sustaining Excellent Packaging Labelling and Artwork Capabilities

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Artwork Error - A significant recall risk

Streamlining artwork management processes has been the core focus of Pharmaceutical industry, which invests heavily in the packing every year. A trusted custom software solution has been the need of the hour, which can replace the manual process, which is prone to defects, delays in the design of lay outs, forms and approvals. An automated solution, aids in plugging loop-holes, closing the gaps and fast tracking the entire process right from design to print.

Artwork and Labeling involves collaboration with various internal and external units. This includes. Step 3: World Class Appropriate use of best practices Benchmarked with external capability Agile adaptation to changing business models. It also improves branding consistency among the artworks in terms of design, color and text while giving creditability to product and brand. As it will be audit and compliance driven — One process will be followed across the globe, thus reducing compliance driven penalties.

Furthermore, artworks can be reused for similar markets, thus significantly reducing time and cost; product launch schedule timelines can be planned accordingly. Overall Pharmaceutical companies can understand the triggers of artwork changes and business dynamics around it.

Delivering quality artwork is a complex endeavor involving many moving parts in addition packaging and artwork presents a significant compliance risk. A through gap analysis can also be done to understand key improvement areas across the organization. Globalization and Pharmaceutical Companies Owing to the expanding global markets, pharmaceutical companies must combat localization issues which include language, cultural and regulatory requirements.

Robust Artwork Process There has been a petition owing to which there have been innovations in technology, stringent quality control and the need to streamline systems for creating an accurate automated workflow process. Collaboration Challenges Artwork and Labeling involves collaboration with various internal and external units. Artwork Pack Management.

Packaging and Labelling: Artwork core, interfacing and supporting processes

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Product designers can also leverage 3D environments to place a virtual prototype product on a shelf, enabling designers to visualize packages in realistic shelf context. This process also can be extended to allow small focus groups of consumers to experience new products in a virtual retail environment providing invaluable insight for the product development team.

This approach helps packaging designers reduce development costs and the environmental impact of physical prototypes by replacing them, as often as possible, with realistic virtual mockups. The combination of a better understanding of consumer behavior with eco-design concerns enables product packaging designers to significantly reduce the financial, time, and material impact of their work.

Multiply that number by even a few grams saved per unit, and the sustainability impact is staggering. Lightweighting our products is one of the key things that has sustained Amcor against our competition during these tough times, and computer-aided engineering, within a PLM environment, has been critical to achieving that. Through the use of PLM solutions to integrate 3D virtual design, Finite Element Analysis FEA , and collaborative product development software into their product design and development process, Amcor has found a way to significantly reduce costs—from product design, to materials parameters, to methods of production—while adhering to strict industry performance standards.

Amcor employs Abaqus to generate simulation data that can guide design modifications, material thickness parameters, even manufacturing processes, in order to reach the lightest possible result that satisfies both customer and regulatory requirements.

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Using multiple iterations between CATIA, the DS brand for designing virtual products, and Abaqus, the parties can collaborate to arrive at the best solution that validates the appearance, performance, and functionality of a container. Plus a quicker, more creative response to customer requests for new ideas—and lighter-weight, high-performance product solutions that lower costs all along the supply chain from raw materials to transportation.

EskoArtwork is a global supplier and integrator of innovative solutions for packaging, commercial printing, and professional publishing, and is heavily engaged in environmental sustainability. EskoArtwork leverages design tools that deliver accurate virtual proofs and mockups, avoiding the need for multiple hardcopy proofs, which in turn, results in lower courier and transportation costs. Color management technology allows the company to produce color-accurate proofs, and thereby avoid waste of substrate and printing inks involved with getting the printing press to the right color.

The same color management technology allows the reduction of hundreds of spot inks to a fixed set of six or seven inks. This results in considerable waste reduction because printing presses no longer need cleaning when changing jobs. Printing with less ink has a considerable impact on the environmental footprint of a packaging label.

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Additionally, EskoArtwork links structural packaging design with palletization software to optimize distribution logistics efficiency, making sure packaging is downsized or right-sized, while respecting the functional properties of the packaging. Putting more product in smaller boxes means fewer shipping containers and less volume on the road.

Lastly, fully automated plate-handling on the CDI with automated plate-loading and unloading and in-line UV for main exposure considerably reduce plate damage through manual plate-handling. Less plate wastage creates a smaller environmental footprint for the flexo print process. Packaging and labeling make a real environmental impact, from the physical structure of the package to the artwork included. PLM enables CPG companies to effectively manage the process with a focus on sustainability while also maintaining compliance.

Doing more for the environment today is the tip of iceberg. Momentum is continuing to shift, and sustainable packaging will continue to be a core focus especially with increasing customer interest and growing government regulations. Today, implementing an environmentally sustainable product packaging development strategy provides benefits that extend beyond simply complying to government regulations. Instead, it helps by differentiating your company or product brand image with green policies and practices that demonstrate corporate social responsibility, attracting socially conscious customers and investors interested in environment-friendly corporations, and increasing goodwill as a company that lessens its impact on the environment.

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