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If there is anyone to be concerned about at this point, it would have to be Victoria, Reagan and Jim. I'm doing fine. Just fine Though sometimes I wish I could trade places with them. There's a link at the end of the post. I can't see the post, nothing but comments shows up for me when i click this.

Am i doing something wrong?

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I love these stories, but I really can't get past that. I'm not sure "bathing" her would have been a smart thing to do I don't know who you know, but around here that requires permission. And also so you're not covered in feces. Eh, maybe. Either way I didn't have a clue what was on the other side of the door, or that anything was even there. I was tired, drunk, and didn't feel like dealing with that shit.

Lol I'm not trying to be a dick, dude, promise. As a woman who takes an hour long bath every night, I was just like,"whaaaaat. Dial soap that shit. He was drunk in the first place and fucking scared as hell. Yes he should've gone out. But he didn't know, and as this was months ago and he is having her type it up - she clearly lived. Plus I'm sure he's beating himself up about it to. This is literally my philosophy on life. I'm glad to hear you and your friends made it through this okay relatively okay and we'll all eagerly await the next part!

Maybe grab the gauge too When converted to an Obrez, they double as a flamthrower. Jebus, the muzzle blast on that thing was insane! You don't even need the round, if you've got a blank with that powder in it you can burn the bitch! I too recomend the Mosin, but fix bayonette You never know when you might need it since it's bolt-action. Please stay safe, apparently a wendigo can posses a person and make them violent.

I would be armed with at least a bat and or a knife. Flashlights and walkie talkies could be useful as well and for christsakes, please don't stop posting. Thanks for the update, really appreciate it. But holy shit, this is fucked up, although I'm glad Reagan is okay. Hope you stay safe man. Wow Alex Just read every part, and this shit is truely fucked up.

Keep us updated as much as possible, and if any of us can help, let us know.

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Good luck bro, you will need it.. Damn dude this is scary as shit! When he told her "I need flesh" I wonder if that mean's cannibal? Stay safe, dreadfully looking forward to the next update. This always happens when I read stories on nosleep. Great read. She shouldn't have taken a shower, there could have been evidence on her body, that could have helped you bring the cops in to investigate with you, or atleast warn them that there some creepy cannibal guy running around calling himself a Wendigo.

I wasn't about to argue with a bloodied, naked, recently raped girl about what we should do, and I wasn't exactly of sound mind either. You could write books on this stuff seriously excellent story got me scared dude. Definitely keep writing this kind of stuff. Aaaaand I'm sitting here in a dark room and I know that the lady I'm staying with didn't lock the doors, but I'm too scared to move.

I just read all of this and I'm blown away. Please hurry with the update its driving me nuts! I dunno if this is real or not but I'm honestly creeped out. Keeping the door locked and the rifle next to the bed.

12 Terrifying Facts About The Wendigo And Its Dark History

Anyone else get the feeling that "keep you doors locked" and when it's over, we'll regret reading this are serious warnings? Reading as a way of inviting it in? Reminds me of Butcherface. Read more and try and figure it all out, and you get drawn into his trap. OP is back. I'm so glad he's still safe, but holy fuck I'm scared for his friends. Please update us soon. Best regards to you man. I hope it all gets better for you from here no one should have to deal with what you and your friends have. Has anyone made the fucking connection about the "wendigo" stuff? The wendigo is from the scary storys book seris spelt that wrong, get over it.

A native american myth who makes your feet burn and carries you into the sky and drops you. Then you die. And also, i hope you make it through this mr. Your somewhere scared as fuck and im just sitting here masturbating. It just goes to show how fucked up the world is. Iv read the story you are refuring to and it's the only one that is told like that. All others i have read are about people who get stranded in a snow storm slowly dying from starvation and hyperthermia which turn to cannibalism to stay alive.

The wendigo then takes over the persons body consuming others who is can get near. I was with you until your bloody traumatized friend was left on the doorstep and you said the cops still wouldn't have helped I mean, I know they weren't of much help after the severed finger incident, but dude, come on!!! There was a naked, sliced up, unconcious girl on your front door step!!!! And you thought she was nearly dead but didn't call an ambulance?!?

Whhhhhyyyyy :. Don't be going around killing random ass people just because your thirsty. Is Wendigo perhaps related to Windigo a. I mean, think about it. They both love forests. They're mythological creatures. Their names are practically almost the same. And holy shit, this story involves a guy named Alex for those of you who haven't watched the Slender-Man vids on Youtube, they almost always involve a guy named Alex! Who knows, maybe they're brothers!

Wendigo You May Be Dealing With a Wendigo

Wendigo is probably just his spelling of it. However, I do agree Nosleep needs some good Slenderman stories. Nicely done! Clearly fake, but you are one fucking hell of a writer dude. As one writer to another, it's been a great read so far man. Sidst redigeret af Sparknaut ; Viser 1 - 2 af 2 kommentarer. Oprindeligt skrevet af Lin :. Thanks Drake, that was nice of you to dig this up. But to your general question, a lot of things in the game have real world, mythological or cryptozoological references hidden behind them. You can google the creatures and locations of the game, and usually land at something interesting - most often something directly tied to Michigan.

And many of these things aren't just referenced, they affect gameplay like Wendigo, or the behaviour and fighting patterns of Enfield Horrors, to give you just two simple examples. This game has a mystery in its heart, and the survival gameplay as much as I love it , is basically just a very elaborate and entertaining dressing. Per side: 15 30 Diskussionsregler og retningslinjer. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again.

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THIS IS GOING TO END BADLY.. -- Seeking Evil: The Wendigo

I am the Wendigo by Matthew W. Quinn ,. Udo Wooten Illustrator. Many tales have been told about the Wendigo, the man-eating monster of Algonquin legend. But how many times has the Wendigo ever spoken for himself? Step inside and take a gander at the mind of the top predator in Canada's North Woods.

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