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The Seville is perhaps the most elegant and versatile of the lot. It consists of a leather shell—you can pick from saffiano or vachetta leather—and a nylon interior with plenty of pockets for a tablet, pens, and other items. The key innovation of the bag is that you can easily swap the leather shell for a nylon one, transforming the bag into a lightweight travel bag that can be attached to your suitcase for easy wheeling.

The swapping process takes under a minute and it was well worth it, I found, because it made traveling so much more convenient. And when I arrived at my destination, I could swap back the leather so that I had an elegant bag to bring to the office. They also sell separate leather shells, so that women can change colors each season without having to buy a whole new bag. Their lightweight overnight bags, such as the nylon O. When asked about their daily priorities, a proportion said that exercise is a daily necessity, something that they absolutely would not forgo.

Dozens of athleisure brands have popped up in the last five years, creating yoga pants and tank tops that can seamlessly go from professional settings to sports, but Wu and Luo discovered that the bag category was an afterthought. In their market analysis, they found that only 5. This was consistent with my conversations with women, who said they often brought sneakers to work with them, using either a traditional gym duffle bag or a canvas tote.

A couple would awkwardly stuff their shoes into an oversize work tote. Enter Caraa sport. It also has another roomy section designed for work items, including a small laptop or tablet, while another small section can fit valuables. One of the most interesting aspects of the bag is that it can easily be configured in three ways, as a satchel, a messenger bag, or a backpack. I found that I switched styles during the day, using the backpack mode when biking or wearing gym clothes, then switching to the regular handbag mode at the office.

We want to design products that make a woman feel sophisticated, elegant, and put together, but that she can wear over the years. It comes with many useful pockets on the inside and a pocket with a magnetic closure on the exterior, which allows you to easily access your phone or keys. It is large and structured, making it perfect for work or travel. It can easily hold everything you would need for the workday, including a inch laptop. Cuyana sells matching leather protective sleeves for this purpose. But its clean, minimalistic design means that it can be used in more casual contexts, like going out for dinner or hanging out over the weekend.

I found myself using it all the time, from going to meetings to playing with my daughter in the park on Saturday. Again, this bag aims to be the only one you will need on the road. The canvas is soft but can hold a heavy load, including a computer, tablet, and charger. But it is designed so that you can use it on vacation or as a beach bag, allowing you to consolidate your bags. None of this flexibility was an accident. While not exactly a startup anymore, we felt that Waterfield Designs stood out for its thoughtful approach to creating tech bags. Each bag is made to order in small batches using top-grade materials including full-grain leather and waxed canvas.

All of these bags are gender neutral and deliberately classic. I tested the Cozmo 2 , which has a simple, structured shape made of distressed brown leather that I found looked good in both formal and casual office environments. For women who want American-made craftsmanship, this is a beautiful work bag that will last forever. Women who are looking for bags that protect their devices do not have many options. They tended to be rectangular, made of inexpensive nylon, and constructed in masculine silhouettes, like briefcases or messenger bags.

It has taken a long time for designers to go back to the drawing board when creating tech bags for women. Knomo, which was founded in , creates bags that adapt to modern technology and aesthetics. Each of their bags comes with a padded compartment that is tailored to a specific device, from an iPad to a inch laptop to an iPhone. It has a slip pocket for a tablet for in-flight entertainment -- up to a The fabric is durable and lightweight, and helps keep water out, all without being thick and bulky.

Slip pockets on each side are perfect for a water bottle or sunglasses. There's a small zippered pocket in front with a key leash as well as a somewhat hidden pocket in the top of the bag, perfect for a wallet or other small items you might want to keep a bit more secure. The bag comes in five colors with bright interiors so if something falls to the bottom of the bag it's easy to spot. A zipper down the left side at the back opens up a separate compartment for a or inch laptop.

It's probably best you don't put anything too small in the bag anyway since it it has a drawstring closure at the top, leaving a chance for something to fall out. Then again, it's really nice just to pull it closed, clip the top down and go. Plus, the lack of structure to the bag makes it easy to stash in a suitcase so you can have a light daypack when you're on vacation.

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Made from ballistic nylon, the bag has room for every last bit of tech and travel essentials starting with a trio of three padded pockets on front that gives you somewhere to stash a battery pack, power adapter and anything else you need to have fast access to. Just below the lay-flat handles on top is a zippered lined pocket for your phone or sunglasses.

A padded shoulder strap is included, too, and there's a luggage handle pass-through on back. Inside in the middle there's room for up to a At back is another compartment with an accordian file for folders, paper pads or a magazine or two. Then there's a front organizational section that totally unzips and lays flat, so you can basically set up to work anywhere. Either way it comes with a lifetime warranty. It also skipped the Velcro and instead has two hidden buckles under the flap.

While it doesn't come with a stabilizer strap to keep the bag from flipping around while you're biking, the shoulder strap has a cam at each end so you can adjust the length easily from the left or right. Open it up and you'll find more pockets inside and out as well as a key leash and a compartment that'll fit up to a thin inch laptop or a slightly thicker There's also a lined pocket for a tablet seen here with a pair of over-the-ear headphones in it.

An overheated laptop in a bed caused a fatal house fire?

It can hold up to Extra padding on the straps and back keep things as comfortable as possible. There are places for all your cables, headphones and even a keyboard. There's a dedicated pocket for a large battery pack, too, with a quick-charge USB 3. Pockets on the sides let you stash anything from a mouse and cables to a water bottle and umbrella.

The bag is also available in two styles: One with a molded front and another with a Velcro panel to display your team badges or other patches. And, they're both covered with a lifetime warranty. The water-resistant leather messenger bag has the look of an old mailbag made from tough American full-grain leather that's covered with a year warranty.

The rolltop's design makes it easy to expand the main pocket and get to stuff inside including its padded laptop pocket that fits up a There's also one zippered pocket inside that runs the length of the laptop compartment, but that's all on the inside. On back is a newspaper pocket and there are side slip pockets to quickly stash your phone or sunglasses. The bag is finished with strong brass hardware and parachute-grade UV-resistant stitching, and a there's a strap that closes the top down with a single rivet.

Between the thick leather and brass hardware, this bag is not light coming in at 4.

But if you want a tough, but beautiful bag to last you years, it's worth checking out. And if you decide you don't like it, the company offers a day money-back promise. If you like clean, streamlined designs and bags that can shrink or grow depending on your needs on any given day, you'll appreciate the Everyday Backpack. Peak Design got its start making camera accessories, and this bag is definitely a good choice for photographers thanks to its origami-inspired removable dividers that let you break up the main compartment however you want.

Both sides of the bag offer the same large zippered panels, so you can get to anything you need regardless of where it is in the bag.

Each side panel has a separate zippered storage area with pockets. A slim padded laptop compartment is accessible through a zipper at the top. It will snugly hold up to a inch MacBook Pro. All the zippers, by the way, are all weather-sealed and the fabric is water-resistant. To get in and out of the main compartment, Peak Design developed a magnetic latch system. A set of bars under the front flap let you close the bag at different heights so you can fill the bag right up to the top and still secure everything inside. Or tighten it all the way down to make the bag more compact. Each side has a pouch for a water bottle or umbrella.

However, there are also hidden straps behind the front panel letting you attach more to the outside, whether it's a coat or a drone or tripod. Lastly, the straps are well padded without being bulky and pivot at axial connection points, so they fit perfectly. They tighten with a simple pull and loosen just as easily.

A sternum strap fastens with one hand and, when you need additional support and security, there's a hidden waist strap in the back. It's overall a really comfortable and thoughtful design. You can get them directly from Peak Design or on Amazon. The Trilogy is a solid pick if you're just looking for a lightweight bag to carry around essentials and don't need a ton of little pockets and extra features. It has three compartments and three external storage pockets.

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Trilogy, get it? The large main compartment has a suspended padded laptop sleeve at the back that will fit a The suspension means your laptop is less likely to get dinged up when you put the bag down. The middle compartment has a handful of pockets along with enough space to hold your lunch and headphones. A front compartment is perfect for cables or anything you want to keep in easy reach.

Speaking of, just above it is the opening for a drop pocket that is deep enough for a magazine or umbrella. There are also mesh pockets on each side big enough to hold a water bottle. Even with the laptop sleeve being in the main compartment, it's still deep and wide enough for gym clothes and a pair of sneakers, assuming they're not too large or bulky.

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If you're headed back to school or already there and need a lightweight backpack, the Trilogy is a solid pick. Two drop pockets in front give you somewhere to stash your sunglasses and phone, but the zippered pocket just above them gives you some security for smaller items. The compartments are lined with a heavy twill with a camouflage pattern that is There is a padded laptop compartment at the back that'll hold up to a inch laptop.

In front of that is another reasonably large section, big enough to hold headphones and there's a slip pocket for a tablet or e-reader. Basically, despite its slim profile, it actually expands to hold quite a lot. You can get it directly from Solo NY or on Amazon. The Icon backpack has been a favorite for years now for its understated style while still having the capacity for a ton of gear and shoulder straps to carry it all comfortably.

Incase updated the bag recently with a new weather- and abrasion-resistant fabric called Woolenex. It feels somewhat like cotton, but it's lightweight and has the high-tensile strength of ballistic nylon. The bag is divided into four compartments including one for up to a There are also sections for flat files and one loaded with pockets for all your accessories. Too bad the interior is so dark it's impossible to find something if it falls to the bottom of the bag.

One of my favorite features are the zippered pockets at the base of each strap. The right side even has a cable pass-through so you can keep a battery pack in there and charge your phone while you use it. If you don't need quite this much space, though, Incase makes it in two smaller -- and less expensive -- sizes. You can get it directly from Incase or on Amazon. Lowepro primarily makes camera bags, but the Urbex line blurs the line between photography and everyday use, much like Peak Design bags.

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It'll hold up to a There's also a large separate center storage section with a tablet pocket as well as a handful of other organizational pockets including one zippered pocket. There's one external zippered pocket on top, too, that's good for sunglasses, earbuds or other small items. An elasticized pocket on the side gives you water bottle storage.

What makes it a camera bag then? There's a side entry that gives you access to a padded gear box that's big enough to hold a compact mirrorless camera or a GoPro and some accessories. Or you can use it to hold your power adapter, cables or whatever. There's a padded divider separating the gear box from the rest of center section, but it's attached inside with Velcro and can be folded flat to give you more interior storage. You can then attach the gear box outside of the bag with its integrated strap. You can get it directly from Lowepro or on Amazon.

It's essentially the backpack version of the Solo NY Shorewood briefcase from earlier. It has the same soft pebbled leather on the outside and the same camo print on the inside. There's a zippered pocket for small items you need to keep more secure than the front drop pocket, though the flap covering it is held down with magnets.

Side slip pockets give you room to hold water or sunglasses. A large center compartment gives you room for headphones, books and files and there's a tablet pocket. A rear padded compartment is big enough for a It's a luxury bag that will have you looking more professional than your typical laptop backpack. You can buy it direct from Solo NY or on Amazon.

If a high-end messenger is more your style, this bag is a sweet combination of classic good looks and utility. It weathers beautifully giving the bag some extra character. There's a newspaper pocket on back and two pleated pockets on front. Inside you'll find a couple more pockets for cables and accessories as well as a large zippered pocket.

The padded laptop section will hold up to a And a tablet. And some books. And your headphones, lunch and gym clothes. It even includes a separate removable zippered pouch to hold all your cables and adapters and batteries. It also has one of the worst placements for a key tether: Inside a zippered pocket that's inside another zippered pocket on the front of the bag.

Ditch Your Car: This Bike Packs a Laptop Storage Compartment in its Frame

Both of which can be tough to get into if the bag is stuffed with stuff. The rest of the bag is well designed though, and features the same suspended laptop sleeve as the Trilogy bag mentioned earlier, which keeps the edge of your laptop off the bottom of the bag. You'll also find a pocket to hold a large battery pack and cable clips and routing holes so you can charge devices in other compartments.

The City Compact is the other end of the spectrum compared to the Pack Pro. A simple daypack, it has just enough room for essentials for a daily commute. The laptop compartment is fleece-lined -- one of my favorite features of Incase's bags -- and holds up to a The rest of the compartment has room for a book or two and some accessories like a power adapter, but not much else. You won't find a designated water bottle pocket, but the zippered pocket on front is big enough to hold one. And there's zippered fleece-lined pocket on top for your phone. The Everyday Messenger 15 follows the same design concepts as the company's backpack shown earlier in this gallery.

It actually came before that bag, breaking crowdfunding records on Kickstarter. The Messenger has configurable origami-inspired dividers to create custom arrangements for your camera equipment. Or you can just take them out and have the entire interior for storage. The flap that covers the main compartment has a weatherproof zipper across the top, letting you access everything inside without opening the bag entirely it's unzipped in this picture.

Like the backpack, it has the company's MagLatch closure and a ladder of bars on the front so you can increase or decrease its capacity just by latching to a higher or lower bar. Other nice features include elasticized pockets in the front storage area to hold onto whatever you put in them; a quick-adjust strap with internal padding; and side slash pockets for your phone or sunglasses that also hides a waist strap to keep the bag from shifting when you're riding a bike.

It is available directly from Peak Design or on Amazon. I hadn't heard of Nomatic until it launched a Kickstarter campaign for this streamlined Laptop bag and a larger Messenger bag. Then within days I started seeing its backpack on people while walking around New York City. There are a couple drop pockets, too, and two zippered pockets, one of which has RFID protection. Both bags are finished in waterproof materials and have a shoulder strap that attaches with quick-release magnetic Fidlock Snap fasteners. Each has room for up to a inch laptop in a TSA-compliant compartment that also has a tablet sleeve and file storage.