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Recap: 7 Essential Sales Books For Beginners

This is what I was talking about in the case of that Eskimo-Refrigerator sale! In some cases, you may want to convince the buyer about how buying the product will provide a major ego boost and add to their oomph quotient. Appeal to the heart and ego of the customer! Tempt and Conquer! If it wasn't for temptation, selling anything would be impossible. Temptation is the weapon with which you can conquer your customer. If you are successful in tempting the customer with your product, half your battle is won. Once they fall for temptation, they are in, hook, line and sinker.

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Temptation and greed are a salesman's friend! So make your sales pitch in such a way, that the customer thinks that his life is incomplete without that product! Temptation and greed are your ammunition! Listen to Your Customer. Listen to what your customer wants and remember what he says. Customer is the unarguable king, don't forget that. Even if the customer decides not to buy, ask him the reasons for not buying the product.

That may help you in later sales pitches.

Sales Basics: The Beginner's Guide

Don't give up on him too soon. Try to clear the customer's confusion if he has any and lead him towards the light. Catchy Display Windows. The display window of your shop is going to bring in a lot of customers. Arranging your best and most enticing products our there is important. Let the customers know about your best products and the special prices at which you are offering them.

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In times of seasonal sales, make sure that you have your advertisement running in the local newspapers to bring in customers. Handle 'No' Positively. There is always going to be rejection. One out of ten people may actually buy. Still if you make your sales pitch effectively, they may return for your offer some day. Persistence is the key. You have to develop your own effective sales negotiation skills and techniques.

You may have to knock on a thousand doors before you close your first deal. That's how it is. Sales is all about persistence. So taking 'No' positively is one of the important sales tips.

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Take every 'No', as a reason to persist more and work harder. Target Your Niche Customers. Every product has its niche customers, for whom the product may be one of the top items on their shopping list. If you are into door-to-door selling, you have to catch these niche customers for your product and target them. Provide them with good offers for bulk purchases and claim their loyalty!

Provide some extra value with each purchase, which makes the customer feel special.

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This is an important part of sales management. Always think long term in whatever you say or do. You can tempt the customers, but do not lie.

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Lying may help you in selling that product once, but once the customer discovers you lied, it shatters the trust they put in you. Then that customer will not return to you again. On the other hand, if you are honest, the customer will trust you and come back. Follow up every one of your sales deals. This helps in building lifelong customer relations.

A Beginner’s Guide to the 7 Steps of the Sales Process

Being a salesman is a very challenging job. Thinking with a broader perspective, you will find that we are all salesmen in life. Each one of us is selling something that is in demand in the market. Some sell their talents, some sell labor, while some sell their expertise. One of the most important selling tips is that selling is all about identifying demand in the market, and supplying it. Survival is all about knowing what you are good at, as well as selling it in the market to the highest bidder.

Every inside sales representative is assigned with the goals and targets by their respective managers. In order to accomplish those targets, you need to set your own goals on a daily or weekly basis. And, always keep a track of your own activities and manage your basic pipeline. You should summarize at the end of a week about how many calls you made, how many suspects got converted to a prospect, how many appointment were set and so on.

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By doing this, you will be able to identify your weaknesses and work on improving them. Be completely ready before reaching out to a prospect. Have a clear understanding of your offering and its benefits and USPs. Organize your follow-up by sending newsletters, valuable content, greetings and other engaging stuff periodically. Always treat your prospective customers as you would like to be treated by them. Follow these golden rules and gradually see your sales quota being achieved:. Do not get discoraged by the sales rejections you get.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Generating sales leads and dealing with customers over calls might sound very daunting to a new inside sales representative. Here are 7 tips that can have a high impact in your success Listen More, Talk Less Stop talking and start listening to your prospect carefully.