[SOLVED] Gain Weight 101: Tips To Gain Weight For The Skinner Guy [2013 Revision]

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I've been ridicule all my life so far because i was and still is very skinny. It takes alot of dedication to gain weight since I am walking proof,I am 6 foot 2 and weighed lbs my whole life,At age 25 I started the all you can eat diet 6 times a day with over calories a day and over grams of protein. Now I way lbs and have been at it for 10 years. Your body well only grow so big than you have to double up again,so i have been stuck at for the last 7 years but I can not exceed calories a day.

The secret is in the protein and carbs,plus heavy weight train,you have to have your body weight plus 25grams in protein and double your body weight in carbs,make sure your carbs are lean carbs ex rice,pototoes,pasta,white bread stay away from pizza,hamburgers,fast food that doesn't work that gives you the gut. Make sure every meal has a protein in it,so add chicken,steak,fish to those carbs you will put on weight,so anyways now I have 60 lbs of lean muscle on a skinny frame lol,the skinny frame will never go away because your bones don't get any bigger,but its still better than being all bones.

Also you have to repeat this for the rest of your life or else you will loose everything you worked hard for. I hav been tryin for years to put wieght on its impossible. Not even 8stone an im 23 look very ripped after a gym session. Please help. Dear whoever wrote this article, Thank you very much for your advice given on gaining weight.

I thought your article was helpful because I am in the process of gaining ten pounds I weigh right now and I have a REALLY fast metabolism , so this has been a difficult goal for me to complete. The supplements, I am not too fond of so I'll stick to the natural fatty foods and less cardio sessions. I have been revently looking for ways to gain weight. I am now in my 40s, but want to put on about lbs.

I also workout at least every other evening, not with weights, just sit-ups and push-ups. I am going to get a gym pass and start lifting weights to help, because with putting on weight I want to be tone and muscular. I am tone and in shape now, but underweight. I am 6 ft tall, but only weight pounds. I came across your article and it sounds extremely helpful, I am going to try everything in the article.

Starting with the mass gainer and adding stuffs to the meals I currently eat I do eat alot now, but no change in weight! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do, and if there is anything I should avoid. My health has always been great, so I dont want to mess up anything that is currently working great. Please be polite. We appreciate that. Your email address will not be published and required fields are marked. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: dcddeff7c1b96e5ee92da5.

Facebook Tweet Pin Will Henry. Related Posts. Draco Lusus about 4 years ago I'd like to actually try again, been close to 5 years since my last attempt. I rate the only option after attempting this is to try something like Anavar : Reply. Julian about 3 years ago Honestly I was perplexed by this idea but my problem was my metabolism is CRAZY and no matter what I eat, I never gained weight past a certain point. Can't hurt right lol Reply. Kayth Bagnaes about 4 years ago Thank you so much for this! Namitha Mani about 4 years ago Hey Kayth, sounds like we have the same issue.

Erica about 4 years ago Thanks so much for giving me all these tips I really think I might be able to pull through and make this happen!!!!! Cissy Spear about 4 years ago Am so desperate on gaining some weight and so i use appetising tablets which make me eat alot and at the same time i sleep alot because they make me sleepy and weak. Ray Ray about 4 years ago Took hella notes and going to get started tomorrow.

Cant wait to begin OperationFatWill Reply. Will Henry about 4 years ago operationfatreece! Ray moreno about 4 years ago I feel so glad to have come across your article facing this issue. Ak about 4 years ago I noticed that by eating only 2 big meals, I had gained 4 lbs. Will Henry about 4 years ago The sumo wrestler analogy in action!

Diane Hill about 4 years ago I have a fast metabolism, so I started doing what you said, but it's strange because I only gain weight on my stomach. Will Henry about 4 years ago Hi Diane, yes people will gain weight in specific areas sometimes. William about 3 years ago Are you following a good daily workout like weightlifting? Shane doe about 4 years ago So idk how this will work with me. I'm 5'9 it sucks Reply. Chris Troutman about 4 years ago So, I've been trying to gain weight for years.. Will Henry about 4 years ago Thanks Chris! Will Henry about 4 years ago Hi Kera, totally depends on your metabolism!

Shaun Bourgeois about 4 years ago Hey I just starting using the FitBit app to track my calorie intake. Will Henry about 4 years ago Hi Shaun, eating big meals will help, but be aware that intense exercise will increase your metabolic rate too, so track your caloric intake and make sure you're eating way above maintenance. Jade Mason about 4 years ago I've been trying for years to increase my weight, nothing ever works. Thanks Will : Reply. Angelina Rodriguez about 3 years ago How the heck would adding a sexual aspect to eating more help?

Bev about 3 years ago I've been struggling to put on weight too, but so far I'm up about 7 lbs my goal is 15! James about 3 years ago Hey, I just wanted to thank you for posting this article, I have been following the instructions for about a month and I gained about 4 pounds, I hope within this year I will be able to get my weight back on track. Will Henry about 1 year ago Awesome! I'm so glad to hear you've had success with my methodology. Bob about 3 years ago Nice article.

Simple and straight forward. Any advice Reply. Richard about 3 years ago I hav been tryin for years to put wieght on its impossible. Please help Reply. Angelina Rodriguez about 3 years ago Dear whoever wrote this article, Thank you very much for your advice given on gaining weight. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Please be polite. Your email address will not be published and required fields are marked Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Popular Posts. Recent Comments. Feel like losing weight? What a surprise, me too!

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I got a sweaty two hour tennis match in and then hit again with my buddy for another 1. Hoping to see a loss of a at least a pound due to less water weight, the damn scale betrayed me. In two days, I had gained 5 pounds from lbs to lbs! I suck. At slightly over 5 feet 10 inches tall, lbs is a lot to carry on the tennis court. Allen Iverson of the 76ers was my height listed as 6 feet , but could easily dunk and weighed only pounds for example.

I feel guilty because in high school, I was a trim lbs. Makes no sense at all. As a result, I am swearing to myself and to all of you today that I will get in ideal shape in So what is the ideal body weight for someone of my height with a mid-sized frame? There are numerous amounts of calculators which determine what you should weigh. Based on an average of four sites I checked out healthstatus.

One site had a lower range of lbs as a healthy weight for someone my height. Maybe the starvation look is in? It annoys me that for 11 years I thought that weighing was a good weight. I can handle the truth. Definition of medium-frame: Your middle finger and thumb just touch when you hold your wrist.

You are large-framed if your fingers do not touch. You are small-framed if your fingers overlap. I was ideal weight in high school, and almost 20 years later, I plan to be back there again. Well I am stupid and lazy for being so complacent. Why the hell should I be proud of staying overweight for the past 11 years? That is not an accomplishment at all!

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So long as I keep this mental-to-physical ratio, I will at least not blow out. I regularly am online 20 hours a week, therefore I will exercise 5 hours a week. Simple as apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. It takes minutes for the body to know one is full. Hence, that minutes is a crucial period where one can overeat and gain a lot of weight.

The solution is to eat slowly and be mindful of everything I put in my mouth. The system will either be 2 out of 5 meals a day vegetarian, or eat vegetarian 3 days a week. Eating vegetarian feels great, is good for digestion, and could very well be cheaper. I will also consciously reduce dairy and sugar from my diet. Perhaps items such as beet salad, mussels in white wine sauce, skinless chicken breasts, lamb chops instead of massive prime ribs, and so forth.

I would play more, but I injured my elbow and shoulder. Hence, a solution is to fix my injury so I can play 4 times a week. I used to tell myself that I have more muscles now. I used to blame a slower metabolism on being heavier than normal. Another lame excuse. Do do brown. I am no longer delusional and am saying NO to weight creep.

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  5. Being overweight puts a burden on society, who ultimately pays for my extra health care costs through longer wait times and more expensive premiums. Optimist for life! Looking to find affordable term life insurance? PolicyGenius provides free, unbiased advice on more than 25 A-rated top life insurance companies they have thoroughly researched and vetted. PolicyGenius helps you compare the best quotes all in one place. Updated for and beyond. Take care of your body, especially if you have little ones to take care of yourself. I plan to live long enough until he is an independent man.

    This is also happened to me. So I am very thankful for this post because it will give you a hint on what to do next. I will help you plan what to do in the future to have a good health. If you are 6 foot and weigh under you probably look like the pictures from Aushwitz. If your goal is to become fit and healthy then expect to gain weight not loose weight.

    Diseases associated with wasting syndrome come to mind. Stay active and keep eating. You will be happier and look healthier. I hardest time getting rid of that spare tire of extra 5 to 20 pounds around my waist that kept me from my ideal weight. What is you weight these days? Life is good. Best book ever. Was within 4 years into big law firm life. Crazier thing was that at , I worked out way harder and, by normal standards, I ate healthy and low calorie.

    Now I eat more calories, work out less and have a way better body. Depending on age, they are not so ideal. For a young person they are fine, but as age progresses studies show that somewhat heavier people actually live longer than skinny people after adjusting for factors like smoking and various diseases that could cause lower body weight. The short version seems to be that heart disease is the number 1 killer and higher weight is a risk factor for it. But there are a lot of less common causes of death that collectively kill more people than heart disease and they tend to prey on skinny people.

    I think the charts are bullshit. When I was in University, I was riding a bike 8 — 10 miles four days per week, and swimming a mile three days per week.. I was a freaking rock. I can tell the difference. That will have me at about — Great to hear these charts piss you off as well! In other words, lack of real problems make people obsessed with trivialities. By all means, solve that.

    Easy BULKING Meals for Skinny Guys (FULL DAY + TIPS!)

    You are an inspiration dude. Thank you for putting so much of yourself on the internet for others like myself to take in and enjoy.


    Thanks Tokoda! Hope you enjoy the rest of the posts on my site. Just watch out for the mind benders! Hey man.. Just curious…what is your ntrp rating in tennis? I was up over lbs in high school and normally ranged from lbs in college. A lot of people focus more on exercise and less on eating, which is the exact opposite of what they need to do. Cut out the sodas and junk food. Eat real food. Would you like some Tert-Butylhydroquinone with those chicken nuggets?

    MMmmm, tasty. I still need to focus on turning some fat into muscle, but losing weight was incredibly easy as soon as I paid attention to what I was eating. I honestly started out at lbs and planned to stay that weight, but to convert the fat to muscle. However, as soon as I cut out the junk food, the weight came off without even trying. I actually had to increase my meal portions just to maintain my weight. My 17 year old self would have never believed losing weight was so easy.

    I think the scales are a little light. But for 35 years people have been hounding me that I need to put on weight. I eat what I want when I want, but generally reasonably healthy. I do snack on junk food but has always done that. Depends on body type. Do the mirror test. Bullshit was my first response too until I realized I was just bullshitting myself. The problem with the scale is that no one checks it until they are trying to lose weight. Without doing anything out of the ordinary, my weight can easily fluctuate by 5lbs day-to-day!

    I believe that Leslie. Kind of like finance! We need to know what we are spending money on in order to optimize. I think your charts just told me I need to lose weight, which coincided with what my jeans were telling me today. Haha, I hear yah! My jeans were quite tight too. I was sufficiently angry at myself to change! No foolsies. No strings attached.

    Hit me up at mighty at funkmode dot com. No obligation.

    5 Real Food Weight Gain Shakes (Paleo & SCD) - Healthy Gut Company

    Totally gratis. Glad to do it. And starting to put on some weight.. Your weight will vary from day to day. What you should focus on are measurements and pictures. You should take a picture of you now, only in your underwear, and then another picture every week or two. But by having pictures, you can see the changes. Also, take measurements. Even if the scale says you are still at 1XX, if your waist measurement is going down, then you know you are losing fat and probably gaining muscle. My girlfriend just started a weight loss program and was focusing on the scale weight.

    I told her to focus on her measurements and pictures and she is rejuvenated because she sees progress there. Business travel this past year or so has been murder on the waistline. I was at right after the holidays, and feeling not so very good. Still have a fair bit of phys therapy and conditioning to do. Just think back to how heavy you were in high school and college, that is if you were of normal health.

    I think I have just the thing that will help you obtain your body weight goal, connect socially with friends so your Financial Samurai readers can follow your progress , and challenge other bloggers to become more fit. You ready for this???? Good luck on the weight loss goals. Im right at my ideal weight. I eat like a pig but I play soccer times a weeks and am generally really active. I am scared that once my activity level dips, so will my metabolism. I hate the charts too Sam!

    Ugh so frustrating. Good luck! Good stuff! I like that you incorporate juicing. I try and drink barley green and eat two pieces of fruit every morning. Blogging has been terrible for my exercise regimen. Since I work as a computer programmer half the day and I spend some time writing, I sit way too much.

    Now that it is winter, it is harder to get outside and run around. Blah blah blah. I need to lose a few pounds probably. I have been focusing mostly now on making sure what I eat is actually beneficial to my body and not just satisfying some craving. Also, I am just trying to move more each day and not be sedentary. When this knee of mine is fixed though, look out! Nutrition Today. International Journal of Eating Disorders.

    The Ideal Body Weight Pisses Me Off

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